Sunday, August 31, 2008

2nd best... will it be enough?

The Rays are really starting to iritate me.

I thought they would be out of the picture by now. The team that has a tough time getting 13,000 fans to come to Tropicana Field to root for them, is running away with the AL East. I really thought that they would have collapsed by now. But I have to say, I watched them again this weekend, and THEY STILL LOOK GOOD. They do the little things well; sac hits, good cutoff throws, smart baserunning. Plus they look like they are having fun, and having fun together.

What the hell happened? Each day, I catch myself checking the Rays' score, NOT the Yankees.

(OK, sometimes I still do look at the Yankees score, but mostly its to see if A-Rod choked into another one of his double plays with men on base in the 9th inning.)

I know the Yanks are like 12 1/2 games out now, but until they statistically CANNOT possibly make the playoffs, I will NOT say officially that they are done. Tho' I believe in my heart that their chances are nil. Especially since they are now on this 4 team, 10 game west coast road trip. The Angels are going to be tough!!!

I truly believe the Red Sox have enough stuff to take the wildcard. Theo's acquisitions with the Manny trade, and picking up Kotsay and Byrd have certainly panned out so far. Doesn't seem like we got an Eric Gagne- type bust this year. Jason Bay? I love him!!

But the key going into September for this team, will be the health of Josh Beckett. There is no doubt he carries a team in the postseason. We need him to pitch in the playoffs, and pitch well. It won't matter how awesome Pedroia or Youkilis are, if our pitching doesn't bring it to the next level.