Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ouch! Curt's Shoulder Hurts!

Sounds like there is already trouble in paradise...

Curt's shoulder pain is back, and its more serious than his '07 injury. Boston Herald has reported that the Sox have even attempted to void his '08 contract because of it.

Schill definitely will not be ready for spring training and the start of the season. Some are even reporting that this may be a season long injury.

It must be bad news; Curt is keeping his mouth shut about it. Even Theo had no comment, when asked by the press today.

Funny how things go. Just yesterday I was contemplating a blog entry, about how there really isn't much excitement going into this season so far. No new, exciting players to discuss, no Santana. Coco, Lowell are both still here. Not too much has changed over last year, with the exception of a few bench signings like Casey and Kielty. Tavarez is still in the bullpen, much to his dismay, and we are still waiting to find out how much Youkilis will cost the Red Sox payroll.

Just 24 hours later, now Schill is a big, big question mark. He's the guy that brought me to tears in Game 2 of the World Series, as I was sure it was the last time I'd see him on the mound in a Sox uniform. The bloody sock, the reinvented old man who managed to find his way to pitch effectively in the post season. I was looking for a story, but certainly not one with BAD NEWS in it!

This just might be the opportunity that a guy like Clay Buchholz is looking for. Or Tavarez, if he doesn't get traded. I still worry about Tavarez in the bullpen.

Hey, has anyone heard from Tim Wakefield? How has he been feeling these days?

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