Monday, February 25, 2008

Secured the Anchor and now ready to Sail

Did anyone doubt this deal would get done?

Terry's contract extension will give him up to $4 million a year with incentives.

Well deserved, I believe. Having to hand hold the likes of Manny, not giving up on guys like Pedroia, and Youkilis and Lugo, when other managers would have given them the boot. 2 world series rings within 4 years time.

He's been a very important piece of the Red Sox puzzle. He is smart enough to surround himself with other great supporting managers as part of his team (example: John Farrell, for one). And he is very good at handling the Boston media circus, he even makes it look easy.

I am so pumped this guy will be around for the next 3 years. Now we are ready to prepare for Japan!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are Roger's Pants on Fire?

Wikipedia's definition of LIE:

"A lie is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement with the intention to deceive, often with the further intention to maintain a secret or reputation, or to avoid punishment. To lie is to state something one knows is false with the intention that it be taken for the truth by someone else. A liar is a person who is lying or who lies repeatedly..."

I can't wait for the Congressional meeting next week to be done and over with. The circus that has evolved over the last month is beyond ridiculous. Will this public hearing determine once and for all if Clemens was injected with HGH or steroids? Probably not.

Despite all the vehement denials, press conferences, interviews, etc. I still am very reluctant to believe Clemen's story that he is 100% innocent. McNamee may not be the smartest guy out there, but he had nothing to gain by lying to authorities about Clemens. Why would McNamee tell the truth about Pettitte and Knoblauch, but lie about Roger? Furthermore, it appears that his stories regarding Pettitte and Knoblauch WERE true and corroberated by both Pettitte and Knoblauch, so again, why lie about Roger?

It seems that every time either Roger's or McNamee's lawyers release a statement or evidence to the press, it doesn't seem to prove anything, it just makes both of them look desperate and pathetic. Nothing that Roger has said explains anything or refutes the fact that he may have taken steroids. I still don't understand why someone would shoot himself in the ars with lydocane, and I hope someone next week asks for a medical explanation. How does a numb butt help your aching joints anyway?

I guess it just bothers me, that this guy Roger is marching all over capitol hill, meeting independently with congressmen to tell his story. If it were you or I, do you really think any of them would have taken time out of their busy lives for us?

I suppose I am just skeptical, because as a sports fan, I have heard these denials before. Marion Jones was pretty adamant that she NEVER juiced. Now she is going to prison and has lost her olympic medals. Her husband did the same. I don't need to explain Barry Bond's situation. Remember Floyd Landis? You wont see him riding a bike in France anytime soon.

Is Roger just the next sports star in a long line of cheaters? Time will tell. I don't have a crystal ball, but if I were a betting gal.... well... let's just say the odds certainly aren't in Roger's favor right now.

Pitchers and catchers are reporting later this week. Finally!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ouch! Curt's Shoulder Hurts!

Sounds like there is already trouble in paradise...

Curt's shoulder pain is back, and its more serious than his '07 injury. Boston Herald has reported that the Sox have even attempted to void his '08 contract because of it.

Schill definitely will not be ready for spring training and the start of the season. Some are even reporting that this may be a season long injury.

It must be bad news; Curt is keeping his mouth shut about it. Even Theo had no comment, when asked by the press today.

Funny how things go. Just yesterday I was contemplating a blog entry, about how there really isn't much excitement going into this season so far. No new, exciting players to discuss, no Santana. Coco, Lowell are both still here. Not too much has changed over last year, with the exception of a few bench signings like Casey and Kielty. Tavarez is still in the bullpen, much to his dismay, and we are still waiting to find out how much Youkilis will cost the Red Sox payroll.

Just 24 hours later, now Schill is a big, big question mark. He's the guy that brought me to tears in Game 2 of the World Series, as I was sure it was the last time I'd see him on the mound in a Sox uniform. The bloody sock, the reinvented old man who managed to find his way to pitch effectively in the post season. I was looking for a story, but certainly not one with BAD NEWS in it!

This just might be the opportunity that a guy like Clay Buchholz is looking for. Or Tavarez, if he doesn't get traded. I still worry about Tavarez in the bullpen.

Hey, has anyone heard from Tim Wakefield? How has he been feeling these days?