Wednesday, January 30, 2008

16 Days Until Pitchers/Catchers report

I wonder if this guy has taken his little black skivvy's and goggles off yet?
I hope none of you really believe that his dog chewed up the World Series ball. Think about it, he probably already had baseballs from each of the other series... so to have the WS one as well, makes for quite a nice package for a future little Papelbon to display on his/her mantle someday.
So today's big baseball story is that Johan Santana, as long as he agrees to the deal, will become a MET.
Not a Red Sox. Not a Yankee. A MET.
I would have loved to get this guy, but I don't think it was a must have, so I am honestly not that upset. We didnt have to give up Ellsbury, Lester, or any of our other premier prospects Especially I am not bothered, knowing he is going to the Other New York Team, in the national league, and not the Yankees. Pinstripers have to feel the sting today. Santana should do very well there, and I am grateful that now we don't have to hear Hank Steinbrenner each day release a statement "we want him" "we don't want him". My Met fan friends at work are so psyched. I have to say, I really felt their pain in October. So, so close, yet no cigar. Having to put up with us Red Sox fans every day this fall I am sure was very painful.


Peter N said...

Wel, Mets fans got their wish And "we" did too. Johan went not to "pinstriped land" but to another New York borough. In another league. And what a rotation THEY will have. But our team, the Boston Red Sox (remember them?), is totally intact from '07, with a couple of 'pen hopefuls...and I'm pretty sure they did OK last year!
Have a wonderful Thursday, and thanks for linking AND stopping by my place. You're on my linkies too! Peter N.

Peter N said...

Well, I meant....