Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Talk Show Tour Begins

Now that our Guys are celebrities, the Late Night Talk Show Tour begins...

Papelbon was on "The Late Show, With David Letterman" yesterday. It was a pretty funny interview. For those who couldn't manage to keep their eyes open last night, to watch it for yourself in real time, click on the link below, taken from

Yes, he did say he wouldn't mind if A-Rod played on the Red Sox, but the press has totally taken it out of context. He said it because then that way he wouldn't have to pitch to A-Rod anymore.

Nothing more should be made of that statement. Please.

Friday, Manny will be on "The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno". That ought to be pretty good. I have to say, other than the few Tina Cervasio post game interviews, I have never seen Manny have a sit down. I plan to watch it, as this is such a rare occurance.

Also on Friday after the Tonight Show, Big Papi will be a guest on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien". Conan is hysterical. It should make for a funny interview as well.

Man, and I thought the reason they held the Rally so soon, was so the guys could go HOME. Hmmm...

I hope to post my friend Amanda's Rally photos tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but with Halloween happening, I had duties to attend to, and candy to collect.
You should see them tomorrow night. Thanks.

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