Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rumor Has Truth to it... Curt is back

8 million base salary
another 2 million, weigh in incentives (to keep him honest with his weight)
3 million in innings pitched incentives
and... (yeah right) a 1 million bonus if he gets at least 1 Cy Young vote in 2008.
So at the worst, we will get a #4 or #5 starter for $8 million, or he will keep himself together, kick some butt and we will get the same Schill that we had in 2007.
Not too shabby! Glad to have you back again, Curt. Its all in your corner now! Take a look at this contract, in his own words, from the 38pitches blog, click the link below:
The best part is the last sentence of his blog entry. It's what's REALLY on all of our minds...


Peter N said...

Hi there! With the return of John Farrell and Schill, what could be better? Wait...I know!!!! Mikey Lowell!
Thank you for your yesterday comment on my blog. I won't be a stranger here....ever!

Peter N said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, the UCONN women looked like a well-oiled machine last night. They open the real schedule on Saturday. I hope you can get CPTV for their televised games--so many of 'em! Be well..Peter

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