Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rumor Has it....

(picture courtesy of Boston Herald)

That Curt Schilling will likely be back next season.
Things are still in the works, but according to
Curt, barring some crazy, unforeseen situation,
he and the Sox will come to agreement on a
1-year deal, allowing him to finish his career
with the Boston Red Sox.
Sounds like the terms will be an incentive
based program, though no details are
confirmed or available yet.
I think this is a good thing. There will be alot of youth
on this pitching staff, and a veteran like Schill
will be a good role model. And it's only a 1 year
deal anyway.
Hopefully, we will get some good information
regarding Mike Lowell today. It's been pretty
quiet regarding Lowell, which always makes me
nervous. The good news is that he
hasn't filed for free agency yet, so it can't
all be that bad, behind closed doors...
More later, as things develop...

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