Monday, November 12, 2007

I don't like how this looks...

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The rumors out there are KILLIN' me, I am not afraid to tell you. But if Theo and the Gang think that Lowell is too old for a deal greater than 3 years, why on EARTH would you even consider this guy for 10? Remember, he is only 1 year younger than Iron Mikey.

If we aren't going to get it done to keep Lowell, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we stay away from this cancer?

It will make me physically ill, to see this guy in a Red Sox uniform. He is a tremendous individual ballplayer who, from my corner of Red Sox Nation, shows no appearance that he gives a crap about anyone else around him. I don't want a player like this. We've got enough dramas with all the Manny bein' Manny stuff, the last we need is a self-centered, egomaniac who will bring ZERO TEAM CHEMISTRY to the table. FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS TO BOOT!

Hello! Name ONE YANKEE PLAYER that has publically come out in A-Rod's defense, since Boras' leak during Game 4 of the WS. I can name at least 5 Sox players, who have publically stated they want Lowell to come back. But Not one Yankee. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

I don't care if A-Rod will someday surpass all the hitting records. Me smells a rat, I tell ya.

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