Friday, November 2, 2007

Hot Stove News - John Farrell to return

Great, great news in Red Sox Nation today... it has been announced that John Farrell will be returning as Red Sox pitching coach next year.
Earlier this week, rumor had it that the Pittsburgh Pirates wanted him as their new manager. But he has since turned down their offer to interview, to stay here in Red Sox Nation.
YES! He isn't a good guy, he is a GREAT one. A bit overqualified, if you ask me. Afterall, he went from Director of Player Development in Cleveland, to Pitching Coach with us. I wonder what the string is, that is keeping him here. It has to be more than just Tito being a great guy and good friend to work with... Maybe the front office has bigger plans for him down the road?!?
So great to hear. Glad to keep you here, John.

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