Friday, October 12, 2007

You don't Need Scalpers in Arizona

here is a very interesting article about ticket sales (or lack thereof) for the NLCS games being played out in Arizona.

Man, you would NEVER have this problem in our market. Can you imagine being able to get tickets, on game day, without any problems, directly from the Fenway ticket office?

Wow, I'd never pay over face value again!!!

Sox up 1-0, Beckett delivers as expected. C.C. Sabathia seemed M.I.A. More later.


Peter N said...

I LOVED last night. Josh dominated, and Papi and Manny are so locked it, it's scary. Oh, thank you for my link. Is it too much trouble to change the name so it reads "Peter's Red Sox Forever" ???
Thank you...I'm still glowing from last night, and getting ready for 8:20 EDT tonight. Again, thank you for the link!!!

soxnationgirl said...

You bet, no problem.

So much for my calling it a pitcher's battle, eh? Hey, I am NOT complaining!

Peter N said...

I wasn't either, until a lackluster 88MPH fastball throwing Schill was ineffective, and then Gags poured gasoline, or something even MORE flammable, on the fire. That's what I wrote about this morning...what else? Thank you so very much for changing the name on my link, and may you and yours, lucky them, have a great Sunday, an off day in this "might be a long one" series.