Monday, October 8, 2007

We've Got a Mr. October, and he Does it Again

(photo courtesy of StarTribune)
Congratulations to our Boston Red Sox, who are headed to the ALCS!!
Say what you'd like about Curt Schilling, but he is definitely a guy that I want around during a post-season run. Once again, Curt showed us all that he is an effective pitcher in a playoff situation.
This is the guy who re-invented himself this year, after months of struggling. The guy who once hit 93-94 mph consistently, who now hovers around 87-89 mph. For Schill, it's all about command of pitch location these days. And yesterday, he demonstrated that the guy isn't ready to leave the mound just yet.
A guy who is teetering on the cusp of HOF consideration, Curt certainly put another feather in his cap. His playoff numbers are fabulous: 9-2 record, .818 winning percentage. Yesterday, he threw 100 pitches, 76 of them were strikes. Pretty good for a 40 year old guy.
Batman and Robin. Abbott and Costello. Peanut butter and Jelly.
All are 1-2 punches that are great together. But here's my favorite combo:
Ortiz and Ramirez.
When they are both on, they are incredibly dangerous.
So who do you want the Red Sox to face in the next round of the Playoffs? Cleveland or the New York Yankees?
It's a pretty hot topic out there in blog and sports radio land. Think about it, I'll be blogging my opinion very very soon.

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