Friday, October 19, 2007

We Still Have a Pulse...

(photo courtesy of, from AP)

We needed him to deliver, and boy did Beckett deliver BIG.
8 innings, 11 Ks, 1 ER.
Has the pendulum now swung in our direction? Last night, we saw offense from more than just
Manny, Papi, and Lowell.
Youk was HUGE
Pedroia busted out of his slump, and hit the ball hard.
Lugo came up with a key bunt
Yup, Even Drew came up with a great hit.
This sudden offensive surge is a big deal. We just haven't seen it since we arrived in Cleveland. And now, with the series at 3-2, we head back to Fenway, and try to get the next 2 games under our belts. It is still do-or-die, but I definitely feel like there's some more life in this ballclub.
Schill is going to need all the support he can get from his offense. And Curt needs to pitch at least 6 solid innings. No mistakes. Look for me down by the Pesky Pole. I'll be the Sox fan making LOTS OF NOISE!!!
Oh yeah, and for those of you out there who still want your voices heard regarding Jacoby Ellsbury, there is a new site out there, to sign a petition which will go to Tito, requesting that Ellsbury play in Coco's place on Saturday night. Here is the website:
Hurry! Sign up before that petition goes out! Leave your comments, too!
Coco went o'fer again last night. Couldn't even lay down a bunt. C'mon Tito! We can't do any worse!

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