Friday, October 26, 2007

Up 2-0, Is this The Last Homestand for #38?

(taken from my camera, just before it died!)
Great great game, Sox fans!
It was are ol' veteran against a rookie Jimenez, who only came into the big leagues in August.
Jimenez was good, but Curt pitched BIG, only giving up 1 run. His pitch choices were very deliberate, and he found his way around the corners of the plate. The highest mph that I recall is 1 at 92, and a couple at 91. Most of Curt's fastballs were around 86-88 mph.
I have to say, with our lead 2-0, I am afraid that this may have been Curt's last game in Fenway as a Red Sox. This makes me very sad. The crowd was very aware of this fact, as well. As Tito came out of the dugout to give Curt his farewell, the place exploded. Roaring applause, and appreciation for the guy with the once bloody sock.
One guy put this sign out there, for Curt to see. Aw, awfully cute, isn't he? Come to find out, FOX thought he was pretty cute as well. A few people have called me to tell me that they saw my husband on TV (pictured above), and McCarver made some remarks about Schill, while my husband held this sign. Jim, I hope you are enjoying that 15 minutes of fame!!!
seems like Curt just got here, remember when we all laughed at this dunkin donuts ad?
Once Curt left the mound, the game quickly turned into the battle of the bullpens, with our 2 reliables being the one-two punch we needed to take this win, and keep the Colorado bats at bay. Okajima pitched flawlessly, striking out 4, and giving up no walks and no hits in 2-2/3 innings.
Paps did what we all expected him to, and more. The best was when he picked off Holliday at first, for a very very important 3rd out in the 8th. When Paps came out of the bullpen with 2 outs in the 8th, you just got the sense that IT WAS ALL OVER. The place was electric.
And just as a final footnote to the evening...
what is the deal with J.D. Drew? Did somebody wake him up or something? Just who is the guy with blond hair in right field, wearing #7, and what did he do with the Drew we've had all year long?

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