Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sox Win, 12-2... We See Another Day


A great game, and a great win by our guys. Key hits by guys you least expect, and big pitches from the guy who somehow always manages to come up BIG when it's all on the line.

Schilling: 7.0 Innings pitched

6 Hits, 2 Runs, 0 Walks, 5 Strikeouts You couldn't ask for anything better from this guy.

And Drew? Wow, Grand Slam in inning one, and we never looked back. Drew has been pounded all year long for being the continual third out, Mr. Groundout. Last night, he was the ultimate hero. 5 RBIs on the night. Is he our Mark Bellhorn of 2007?

Funny, I had just told a few people behind me, when there were two outs, bases loaded, and Drew was up that at my house right at that moment, I would be headed for the bathroom.


Wha? I look out in center field, as Sizemore watches Drew's ball fly into the stands. I was surely wrong.

Were you like me? I see Gagne warming up in the pen, and I immediately look at the scoreboard. Sox up 12-2. Hmmm... if Gagne comes out onto the mound to pitch the ninth...

Is a 10 run lead big enough?

I was glad to see the fans in the stadium supporting this guy. I know everyone had a lump in their throats, but each kept the negative vibes to themselves. And Gagne came through, without giving up a run, and exited with his head held high.

Like my sign said last night, "They may have a tribe, but we have a NATION." And we still have the FAITH.

I've got some pictures from last night, that I plan to post here later on today, before...

I am so psyched to say....

before TONIGHT'S GAME. Game 7. Bring it on!

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