Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So soon? Geez, you just got here!

NY Yankee radio personality John Sterling said it best:
"Well, Suzyn, they say all good things, unfortunately must come to an end."

Now that the Red Sox Parade has ended, and the fans have filed into their cars and jammed onto the Mass Pike, we have to wonder if the magic ride will soon come to an end for Curt Schilling.

Curt has made it very clear that he wants to play one more year, preferrably as a Red Sox. Theo made it very clear in April that he wouldn't make that commitment until he saw how Curt's year would pan out. And, with Curt being 40 years old, I really agreed with Theo on this one.

Had you asked me 2 months ago if I thought Curt would be back, I'd have said no. And maybe this is the emotional fan in me, but today I am hoping that they find a way to keep this guy around for another year.

C'mon, guys, its only 1 more year. Curt has redefined himself, you saw for yourself. He isn't a power pitcher anymore, he is one of those finesse guys now. It's all about control and location and ball movement now.
Sure, he's probably going to need some time off in the middle of the year to rest. But he might have 2-3 years like that left in him. Maybe they can find a way to offer him a contract that is incentive based on performance or something. He's a proven commodity in the postseason. Maybe he'll take a pay reduction?

I think that Curt sees some writing on a wall out there on Yawkey Way. On his blog, 38 pitches, his most recent entry is long, heartfelt, and full of appreciation and gratitude. Someone who thinks they are coming back doesn't just pour out their emotions like that. Click here to read his very thoughtful blog post:


As I have stated in earlier blogs, I am a fan. I am not a coach, or manager, or GM. My emotions can be seen from the moment I write a word, or the minute you look at my face. You'd think as a Communications Major, I would have figured out how to hide all that nonverbal stuff. I guess I'd never make it as a full time poker player. And because I am a fan, my emotional investment in this team is HUGE. My heart says keep him, while I know that it is probably the right thing to do to let him go.

So Curt, I know the next week will be pretty important to you and your family. I wish you the best of luck, and hope whatever happens, is the best scenario for you and your family. Maybe next year, I'll see you back in Fenway, in a Sox uniform, on the mound. And if you are, you will hear me as I scream your name, clap for you, and support your work out there. And if I see you up there, and your clothes are a different color with a new logo, don't worry, I will still tip my hat off to you, as you will always be the guy with that damn bloody sock.

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