Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pictures from Friday's Game at Fenway

first date at Fenway, hanging out on Yawkey Way

Eyewitness News in Providence did a story about women
who are baseball fans, and the differences between men
and women fans... guess who they interviewed???? Yours truly.
If I can ever get the video, I will post it here. Otherwise, Jim
taped it and we have a VCR copy of it.

Dice-K warming up in plain view. Our seats were
awesome; 2nd row off right field... many season
ticket holders around us, who all knew each other
over the years... it made me feel like an extra from
the movie, Fever Pitch.

Since we were in right field, we Got to get pretty close to
Vlad all night. He chomps on alot of sunflower seeds.
Vlad got pretty sick of listening to this guy all night

"the Hartford Heckler" is my name for this guy from Glastonbury
who sat behind us. Funny at first, but was unrelentless.
Notice the Hartford Whalers jersey. He got tossed in the 7th
inning for being a bit obnoxious to Vlad and a few others in the
stands. Big shocker. He said, "I didnt do anything". Yeah,
I have heard that one in Boston before...

this shot was taken with 2 outs, bottom of the ninth, Manny just came up
to bat, Papi is on first. I grabbed my camera, because the buzz
in the stadium was electric, and I didn't want to
miss it!

Of course I was so excited, I was hugging all
my neighbors so I got crappy shots of the walk
off home run. Pretty much missed the whole thing.
All I could manage was a shot of
Paps being interviewed.

Notice the sign above "RED SOX WIN". Not my most
flattering picture, but my Mom would have been
proud; you can only see a couple of cavities.

Sheila and I ramping it up as the crowd celebrates our
first round victory. She took me to my very first Red Sox game
when I was a kid, so it was only appropriate that we share
this awesome moment together!


Jere said...

I went to the same game. I actually spotted Whalers jersey guy from my seat way out in section 2. Couldn't get a shot of him facing me, which is the only reason I didn't mention it on my blog--but I went back and looked at a shot I did get of him, and there was you right behind him! Anyway, I'm also from CT, and I linked you at my blog. (We also got nearly identical shots of Dice, from when I was hanging around the RF boxes in pre-game.)

soxnationgirl said...

awesome!!! send me your blog site, so I can link yours as well.

I won't be back to Fenway again until Game #6 this time around (if it goes that long).

Maybe I'll see you there???
thanks for reading,


Jere said...

I see you found my blog--sorry, I just assume people click on the name, etc., so I didn't write the address on here. How'd you score game 6 tix?? (As of now, doesn't look like I'll be at any more playoff games, but I'm still hoping.)

soxnationgirl said...

The baseball God above must have felt bad for us this year, because we have been extremely lucky in getting tickets this year.

It all came down to winning the auction, and calling and calling and calling and calling. We also had family/friends who have no interest in this stuff do the same at the same time, so it increased our chances. 6 people dialing instead of just the two of us, all only looking for 2 tickets.

I am pretty sure I will never be so lucky again in this lifetime.

Could be worse, I suppose. My husband just signed up my 6 yr old for Packers season tickets, to get on the waiting list. He is currently 76,5000 th plus+ in line.

Jere said...

So you plan to move to Wisconsin in about 20 years? Ha.

Good job getting tix. I have a 10-game plan, and as part of that they give you the chance to buy one playoff game every year.

I just added a pic of you and Whaler-guy to this post.