Sunday, October 14, 2007

No More Rent-A Wreck.... please.

(lifted from Yahoo Sports)

What's it going to take, for Sox management to figure out that this guy should NOT be on the postseason roster? How many games do we need to lose?

OK, I realize that he is not the one who pitched to Nixon, who got the hit, driving in the first of what seemed to be 10,000 runs in the 11th. Lopez did. But had Gagne done the job he has been paid tremendously for - get OUTS, things may not have imploded as they did.

Are you guys like me? I see Gagne warming up in the pen, and my stomach flops over. I now expect us to lose. If we are 10 runs ahead, then I feel OK giving the guy a ball to see what happens. But with the game tied? NO WAY, I don't care what numbers he puts into our payroll. This time of year it isn't about giving a guy a chance to see what he can do. It's about putting in your guys who can get the job done. Gagne was good in LA, but for whatever reason, he can't figure it out here in Boston. Hey, that's just how it goes. Have him take a seat, and work on how to fix his issues. But not on our clock, during an ALCS game.

Tito has been beyond patient with Gagne. Adding him to the roster was a gamble, that we all now realize has failed. Fine. Cut the loss. We teach our kids, that there is nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake, why can't the Sox do the same?

I would much rather have Tavarez in his spot. It's sounds crazy coming out of my mouth! While Julian wasn't exactly a lights-out dominator, he was pretty darn consistent this year; a workhorse who did whatever was asked of him and had decent success.

Well, now we head to Cleveland tied in the series, 1-1. Time for Dice-K to pitch the game of his life.

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