Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lesson #253: Dont Walk Papi in the 9th

Unless you are prepared to deal with

Manny Bein' Manny.

It was the perfect setup. Sox and the Angels, tied up 3-3 going into the bottom of #9. Lugo gets a base hit. Papi is up. Scioscia decides to walk Papi intentionally for the second time. Everyone boos.

The crowd starts to chant... Manny...Manny...Manny...

Which Manny are we looking at? The goofball Manny, who has trouble catching a simple fly ball, or the Manny that can golf one over the Monster?

Manny... Manny... Manny... oohh... Something in my head told me to grab my camera. Two outs, its now or never...

CRACK! The most beautiful sound in Fenway Park. YES! HOME RUN! The ball just SAILED out of the park, right into next year.

The Red Sox win! The Red Sox win! Pandemonium begins.

What a ending to an awesome game. I will download my pictures from the eventful evening, from the Whalers fan behind me, who got booted from the game, to the post game hysteria.

Many thanks to my husband, for watching the boys so I could be there, and to Sheila, for sharing a great game, and great evening with me.

feel free to check out PatriotLedger's summary of this night, as taken off of YouTube:

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