Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I guess my opinion is moot...

(lifted, courtesy of A Red Sox State of Maine, many thanks)

(photo from Flickr)

The Yankees lose. It doesn't matter what my opinion is on the topic of which would be my choice to face in the next round. I know that Cleveland is red HOT now, and our pitchers are up for a tough fight.

I can't believe Torre will probably be fired. He has taken that team to the postseason 12 times in a row, and led those guys into a second half that only dreams were made of. While some of us in the rest of the world would consider a manager who does this, a candidate for Manager of the Year, Steinbrenner wants his head on a platter.

The Manager works with the tools in hand, the General Manager provides them. Maybe Cashman should be the one to take the hit.

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