Sunday, October 7, 2007

Higher Power of Influence?

(Joba getting hosed, from NY Post)
I am someone who believes that it is a waste of time to pray to God when your ballteam is losing a game.
I laugh when I see fans in the stands at a game, with their hands clenched together, eyes closed, head pointed torward the sky, looking for divine intervention from above.
I believe in God, but I just think there are more important things in the world that he's currently dealing with. Topics I am sure you have heard of, like wars, famine, AIDS, violence against children, etc. The outcome of a ballgame is CERTAINLY NOT one of the higher priorities, sorry sports fans.
But I have to say, I had to stop for a minute a reconsider this position, watching the whole gnat incident on Friday night, during the Yankee/Indians game.
Watching Joba Chamberlain, with hundreds of irritaing bugs sticking to his neck and head, kinda freaked me out. I read about these kinds of things in Sunday school, as a kid.
Take some time to read Exodus in that bible of yours tucked far away. You will discover that God sometimes sent his wrath down on the sinners, in the forms of bugs, locusts, snakes, etc.
And as quickly as those pesky gnats descended upon the players, they exited, leaving one particular Yankee with less composure than we have ever seen him, and a tied up ball game to boot.
Was this an act of God... or just sheer, bad luck? Only the consciences of those involved in the game really know for sure...
Meet you all back at 3:00 Sunday - Let's see if Curt still has a few more Postseason gems in him, as we look for a SWEEP.

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