Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gotta Trust, Gotta have Faith

Tito has decided to NOT pitch Beckett tonite, who would be pitching on 3 days of rest, and instead he is sending Tim Wakefield to the mound, who hasn't pitched in over 3 weeks. So Wakefield will be up against Byrd, who is Cleveland's #4.

Some people in Red Sox Nation are freaking out over this decision.

On One Hand...

We're down 2 games to 1. We need a win! Why not put in our ace, who has proven in the postseason that he can pitch, and pitch well on only 3 days rest? A win here would be a gain of momentum!

But on the Other Side...

Pitching Beckett tonite would not allow for extra rest for both Schilling and Dice-K. Both pitchers were okay, but not great, in their starts. By pitching Beckett in his normal slot, it increases our chances that we will win games 5-7 because it will be with our normal rotation, on normal or more rest. And our #2 and #3 guys need all the time they can get.

I have to say, I am all for the rotation to stay just as it is. We don't HAVE to win this game tonite. It's not a win or go home situation. I think that Tito, once again, is thinking big picture, and what is good for all the guys, not just for one game. As fans, we get so caught up in the drama and the day to day, that we sometimes lose the bigger perspective.

Keep the Faith, fellas. We maintained first place from April to October. Luck did not not get us there, playing solid baseball did. Cleveland is giving us a run, one that everyone expected. So we shouldn't panic that they have won a couple of games. No one should be surprised that the Indians are playing well.

We just have to play better. Pedroia, Drew, Coco, Lugo need to find it in themselves and hit the damn ball, solidly. No more of these ridiculous ground balls. Papi's knee is the size of a Jim Dandy ice cream sundae, and he is still finding a way to produce. It's time for the others to step up as well. Because whether you like it or not, Wake is pitching tonite. And he will need some run support. Otherwise, we will be one step closer to Saturday tee time with Jeter.

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