Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fenway Park Pix from 10-20-07 WIN

Here's the place to get tickets on gameday, as Jim
and I walked by I did see a transaction taking place.
There were about 40 people waiting in line at the time.

As a reminder to all, the legacy of Curt
Schilling is replicated by this fan...

Here is another guy showing off his
Curt Schilling "bloody sock".

I simply kept my socks on, as we hung out on
Yawkey Way, watching everyone mill into the stadium.

Definitely a good vibe, really packed, too! Lots
of people wearing their red shirts and jackets.

On the other side of where Rem-Dawgs is, the Fox
people set up a broadcast tent, similiar to that of NESNs.
The crowd around the NESN booth, as always, was
Jammed, but as you can see here, no one gave a crap
about the Fox people. Tim Mc-who?

Here you go, Sox Nation, as you requested, Jacoby
Ellsbury, in the lineup, his first time up to bat in
the postseason. A few pitches in, and he will get a single.

2 nice neighbors, holding my sign.

Great to see Trot in right field, weird that he isn't
wearing #7. Trot was never booed the whole
evening, unlike my last game vs. the Angels, where
Guerrero was taunted all night long.

Bill Mueller tossing out the ceremonial 1st pitch.
They did a really great job of trying to get the crowd
pumped for the game, using alot of '04 references,
including this former 3rd baseman!

This guy from Canton, CT in front of me, wishing Joe
Torre well. On the back of his sign, was written,
"RESIGN MIKE LOWELL". Amen to that!

Great reference to the Lofton/Beckett confrontation
from Game 5. Beckett Killed Kenny.
You can see by the signs, that Kenny Lofton's face
is in the Kenny cartoon. Hilarious!

Trot caught a flyout by Mike Lowell, and
tossed it into the crowd. My husband
would have caught it, if it weren't for
this guy's old timer's glove.

Jim had a fun time... he is tall, so he can see the
action pretty well... unlike little 'ol me...

here was my view of the action. Being 5"3, I
spent most of the night standing on my chair,
or in front with the Canton guy's wife.

J.D. Drew, game 6 hero. So now that
he hit a grand slam, do we still call
him Nancy Drew?

Stats say it all. Thanks, Curt for a great outing.

Shot of the crowd behind me. The Sox requested that
we all wear red shirts, as you can see, the row
behind me apparently did NOT get the memo.

Manny running out a base hit. It happens so
rarely, that I had to snap a shot of it, for my kids.

Can you see the large crowd, standing on the
Budweiser sign? Never saw that before.
Man, They are getting pretty creative at making up
places to charge for seating in this park. I heard
that all of the Monster and Bud seats were corporate
sponsors, so even if you WANTED to stand there,
it was next to impossible.


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