Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Fat Lady is Currently Gargling...

Beware... once she starts to sing, consider this season OVER.

Bad luck? Maybe. Line drives, typical base hits, were hit smack at Indian fielders. A ball hit just to the right of Wakefield, that he deflects, costing a double-play. That one sinker that just didn't sink, turning into a 3 run homer.

Honestly, though, I don't buy that it's about luck.

These Cleveland Indians, so far, are simply outplaying us. Their lineup is hitting from top to bottom, 1-9. Cleveland boasts a different hero every day. We are only getting production out guys 2-5. Their halfway decent pitchers are playing like they are Cy Young winners. ours can't get past the 4th inning. Their bullpen guys are lights out. Some of our bullpen guys are playing as if there are no lights on in the field.

The thing about the postseason, is that it will magnify your flaws. We can't avoid the fact that there is great inconsistency in our lineup. How comfortable are you when there are two outs, somebody on, and one of these guys are up to bat?


I know at my house, what happens. Someone sighs, gets up off the couch, and hits the bathroom for the inevitable commercial break.

If we lose this series, Tito will have to answer some tough questions. Not just with the fluff, stock, generic responses that we have been hearing, but real, honest answers.

  • Why did we NOT utilize the rookie, Jacoby Ellsbury, the lightning in a bottle?

  • Why did we NOT try and shake things up, by putting in Cora for Lugo in game 4?

  • Were we better for resting Beckett, and not playing him in game 4?

  • Why was Gagne used in game two with a tie game, knowing he hasn't had the confidence to handle it?

  • Why was Bucholtz off the roster?

Well, we've got the next 24 hrs to think about what has gone wrong, and what needs to improve. Let's put our positive energy out there, Sox fans. Think 2004. Think comeback. Think WIN.


laura said...

Great point--where is Ellsbury? As my mother said, things just happen when he's in the game. Why isn't he being used at all??

And that other pesky problem--the fact that the Indians are playing amazing right now? I don't know what we can do about that :(

soxnationgirl said...

I was telling someone at work today...

when the Indians were clubbing the Yankees, it was all fun and games.

Now the Indians are having their way with us, and suddenly life is unfair!!


Peter N said...

I can answer some of those questions. OK?
Buchholz (correct spelling) is off because before the postseason started, he exhibited all the signs of the same "tired shoulder" that Paps had last September. Good choice to shut him down. He'll be so good next year.

We were better off resting Beckett....Wakes was great through 4, but more importantly, Beckett needed the extra two days...he's a little battered, but tonight he'll go out there and do his job.

The other questions? Tito is sticking with (Lugo and Crisp) the guys who got us here. For now. I know one thing....WE WIN TONIGHT! Sorry if I was long-winded. Peter