Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Everyone... Start Your Engines

Hopefully Jonathan Papelbon has put his pants on
by now, because we've got some ball games to play.
Thank God he didn't tear his ACL or his achilles tendon with that attempt at dancing on Friday night. Can you imagine???
Ah, we're off to face the Angels. We are 6-4 against them this year.
Game One: Beckett vs. Lackey, who has 19 Ws and an ERA of 3.01. On paper, the Sox look to have the edge, as Lackey is 0-2 this year against the Sox, with a whopping ERA of 8.38. But they can't come into this game thinking it's going to be a cakewalk. This is the same guy who in the postseason has done pretty well, 3.26 ERA in 8 games.
If we bring the intensity, and our bats, we should do fine. The Angels are known for using small ball; hit and runs, bunts, and stealing bases. Remember that guy Orlando Cabrera? Expect him and guys like Figgins to try and execute these plays.
We go into this series in good order. Tito has purposely rested our key guys from game to game throughout the last few weeks. He's tweaked the rotation several times, so that our pitchers are fresh. He hasn't relied on any one or two bullpen guys, so there are fresh options to go to in the days ahead. Having chosen the 8 day series, it allows the possibility of using Beckett and Dice-K twice during the series, if Tito thinks is necessary.
This will be so much fun!
Keep an eye out for Jim in the stands; (lucky guy!) he will be near the Pesky Pole with his old boss, who is originally from California and a huge Angels fan. He will have a camera on hand, and hopefully I will have something good to post on thursday. But don't feel sorry for me that I am home with the kids... my turn to go will be on Friday night. I am going with Sheila, a longtime friend, huge Sox fan, who took me to my first game at Fenway way way back in 1983. More tomorrow...

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