Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dan, Amanda and Morgan...15 minutes of Fame

It's a good thing that Dan and Amanda from my workplace got permission from their bosses ahead of time to go to today's Red Sox celebration... because they are now celebrities!

click on this link at NESN.com, and under the video section, look at the video entitled, " Skipping School to Celebrate Title". Amanda and her son Morgan and Dan are interviewed for about 1:20 seconds.

Her son's sign said, "My mom is a real Sox fan, she let me skip school!"

Good for you guys, I am so psyched for you! Even Gordon Edes got in on the fun!


I tried to upload it into here myself, but I think I can't because it is NESN property... sorry guys, you have to click on this link, the old fashioned way!!!

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