Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Aarrghh! Suzyn, Take it Like a Man!

As a woman who eats, sleeps and breathes sports, I find Yankee announcer Suzyn Waldman's breakdown after the Yankees were eliminated on Monday, so disappointing.

Here is a woman who has the job that any of us ladies would KILL for... being right there in our favorite team's clubhouse, in the action. (well, this example isn't my favorite team, it's hers, but you get my point...) Suzyn is a gal who has broken down gender barriers, whether it's realized or not. At the least, she should be known and respected for her intelligence and confidence.

Instead, she will be long remembered for being the lady who cried like a little school girl when the Yankees lost in '07. Add to that, the lady who has been ridiculed for her giddy glee "Roger Clemens is in Steinbrenner's Box!!" Ugh! Repulsive.

I am certainly not a super feminist, but as a woman, I understand that baseball has always been a man's world. Only in my generation has society evolved so that we ladies are longer pressing our noses against the glass on the locker room door, unable to get in. We are there, amidst the jockstraps and all.

Demonstrations of emotion and weakness like Suzyn's just adds more fuel to the argument that we aren't tough enough to be amongst the boys. Yes, I get that she's worked closely with Torre for 12 years. He and John are good friends. Also, the writing is on the wall; Torre will probably be unemployed by the time I get this week's paycheck.

But Suzyn, it wasnt like Torre died.
No one was injured, no puppies were harmed.

Torre is going to go down as one of baseball's great managers. So Next week, he will be able to take all those millions of dollars that the Yankees have been paying him for the last decade plus two, and he can go off and enjoy it.
Travel, golf, enjoy his family, blah blah blah blah blah.

He has had a phenominal run... there's nothing to cry about there.

Here's a link to the audio, thanks to bostondirtdogs andawfulannouncing. Fast forward about 2 minutes, 45 secs to hear the meltdown...


Peter N said...

I found your blog via the link from Jere's blog....I can't believe this is my first time here!
Go Sox, and you have a wonderful corner etched out with your Red Sox Nation words...and I'll be back!
Thanks!!Peter N.

Peter N said...

Oh, I'm linking your blog on mine. Why? People have to know! Click on my name and go to the bottom of the profile if you'd like to check out mine, and enjoy (so much) the Friday night Fenway festivities!!!!!