Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dan, Amanda and Morgan...15 minutes of Fame

It's a good thing that Dan and Amanda from my workplace got permission from their bosses ahead of time to go to today's Red Sox celebration... because they are now celebrities!

click on this link at NESN.com, and under the video section, look at the video entitled, " Skipping School to Celebrate Title". Amanda and her son Morgan and Dan are interviewed for about 1:20 seconds.

Her son's sign said, "My mom is a real Sox fan, she let me skip school!"

Good for you guys, I am so psyched for you! Even Gordon Edes got in on the fun!


I tried to upload it into here myself, but I think I can't because it is NESN property... sorry guys, you have to click on this link, the old fashioned way!!!

So soon? Geez, you just got here!

NY Yankee radio personality John Sterling said it best:
"Well, Suzyn, they say all good things, unfortunately must come to an end."

Now that the Red Sox Parade has ended, and the fans have filed into their cars and jammed onto the Mass Pike, we have to wonder if the magic ride will soon come to an end for Curt Schilling.

Curt has made it very clear that he wants to play one more year, preferrably as a Red Sox. Theo made it very clear in April that he wouldn't make that commitment until he saw how Curt's year would pan out. And, with Curt being 40 years old, I really agreed with Theo on this one.

Had you asked me 2 months ago if I thought Curt would be back, I'd have said no. And maybe this is the emotional fan in me, but today I am hoping that they find a way to keep this guy around for another year.

C'mon, guys, its only 1 more year. Curt has redefined himself, you saw for yourself. He isn't a power pitcher anymore, he is one of those finesse guys now. It's all about control and location and ball movement now.
Sure, he's probably going to need some time off in the middle of the year to rest. But he might have 2-3 years like that left in him. Maybe they can find a way to offer him a contract that is incentive based on performance or something. He's a proven commodity in the postseason. Maybe he'll take a pay reduction?

I think that Curt sees some writing on a wall out there on Yawkey Way. On his blog, 38 pitches, his most recent entry is long, heartfelt, and full of appreciation and gratitude. Someone who thinks they are coming back doesn't just pour out their emotions like that. Click here to read his very thoughtful blog post:


As I have stated in earlier blogs, I am a fan. I am not a coach, or manager, or GM. My emotions can be seen from the moment I write a word, or the minute you look at my face. You'd think as a Communications Major, I would have figured out how to hide all that nonverbal stuff. I guess I'd never make it as a full time poker player. And because I am a fan, my emotional investment in this team is HUGE. My heart says keep him, while I know that it is probably the right thing to do to let him go.

So Curt, I know the next week will be pretty important to you and your family. I wish you the best of luck, and hope whatever happens, is the best scenario for you and your family. Maybe next year, I'll see you back in Fenway, in a Sox uniform, on the mound. And if you are, you will hear me as I scream your name, clap for you, and support your work out there. And if I see you up there, and your clothes are a different color with a new logo, don't worry, I will still tip my hat off to you, as you will always be the guy with that damn bloody sock.

Monday, October 29, 2007


(made by Ray Shaw, taken from Boston.com photoshop)

Hey, Red Sox Nation!!! How good do YOU feel today?

Has this World Series win transformed Pawtucket into the baseball Mecca? Should it be renamed, the Harvard School of Baseball Development?
  • Terry Francona - I should never doubt Terry Francona's decisions again. He didn't give up on Pedroia early in the year, when the rest of us had written him off. Tito let Manny milk his oblique injury through September, even when Manny looked fine to the rest of us. Tito also took Okajima out of commission for a rest at September's end. Right at a time when we felt we needed him most. Youk, too. Why? The Yankees had pulled to within 2 games, we thought the goal was to win the AL East, get the best record and have home field advantage. You see, the difference between being a fan and being a good manager, is the good manager can look at the big picture, and keep silly emotions out of it. Tito ignored public sentiment, and stepped off the gas a bit. And because of this, the Sox went into the postseason well rested, and ready to play.

  • Theo - All GMs are going to make good acquisitions, and bad ones. For instance we all agree Josh Beckett/Mike Lowell, Okajima were great acquistions. We also can acknowledge Gagne, and maybe even Drew, were bad ones. The biggest pat on the back goes to Theo and Player Development. Pedroia, Paps, Youkilis, Delcarmen, Lester, and Ellsbury are all EXCELLENT examples of eyeing good prospects out there, signing them and having faith in them. We are so lucky that we can now benefit from these decisions.

  • Starting Pitching - Beckett is the ace he was projected to be, and more. Dice-K, despite his 1 inning implosions, came through in the World Series when it counted. Curt Schilling certainly helped his resume during the postseason. A guy who last week seemed borderline Hall of Fame material, now seems a viable HOF candidate, worthy of consideration. Lester's Cinderella story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever heard of the word, "cancer". And kudos to Wakefield, who could have been selfish and kept his injury quiet, so he could pitch in the World Series. Instead, he graciously stepped aside, for the benefit of his team and his teammate, Jon Lester.

  • The Pen - Delcarmen, Boston's Own, who, under the radar, matured to become a solid middle relief pitcher. Timlin, the Leader of the Pack, who often makes us forget his age when he steps onto the mound. Okajima, the surprise of the year, was once descrbed as the guy from Japan signed to keep Dice-K company. What a foolish mistake, to believe that! And of course, Papelbon. I don't just love this guy because he can dance, sing, and pound down beers like water. Papelbon stepped up when we needed a closer, and proved to everyone that the closer role is exacly where he belongs.

  • The Infield - Lowell - MVP, Mr. Double. The man behind the team, whose presence and personality brings these guys together. No one wants to see him go, particularly to see him in a pinstripe uniform. Let's hope the sides can come to an agreement, and we resign this bulldog. My only fear is he punched a few TOO MANY clutch hits this year, and will expect a 5 year deal. Lowell is one of my favorites, but I don't see the Red Sox willing to agree to a 5 year deal when he is already 34 years old. Pedroia - Rookie of the Year, offensive and defensive power. So awesome that we have him locked long term. Captain Jason Varitek orchestrated the game with finesse. Maybe he didn't bat .300, but he did get key hits, and he kept the pitching staff to the game plan, successfully. And Youkilis is the guy the Yankees hate. What's not to love about Kevin? OK, maybe he sweats too much, but so what? He's got BAT!

  • The Outfield - Manny - Some days I want to punch him, other days I want to hug him. I will take his poor communication skills and awkward baserunning, in exchange for that bat of his in 2008. Drew - The big contract that flopped, $14 million dollar man, will suddenly get a pass, with his playoff production. We will long remember his grand slam in the ALCS Game 6, and hit .300+ average in the postseason. Ellsbury - he looks like Damon, but plays like Ellsbury. He is our new Rockstar. Unfortunately for Coco, having a great glove just isn't enough, when there is a 22 yr. old named Ellsbury in your rear view mirror.

  • The bench - Kelty - the guy who was just happy to be picked up by any team this year. Make no mistake; he left his fingerprint on this World Series, hitting the game deciding home run on his first pitch as a pinch hitter in Game 4. He is the Dave Roberts of 2007.

In the coming days, there will be some many stories to tell about this team, and I, as usual, will not be at a loss for words! Our season in '07 has ended, but prep for '08 has just begun. And don't forget, pitchers and catchers are reporting to spring training in about 14 weeks!

Please continue to visit me at this website from time to time, to keep up on the latest and greatest in Red Sox Nation. For those of you who have come here via the Norwich Bulletin website, bookmark me, so you can continue to read this blog, once the Bulletin and ended my tenure. I am at


Tomorrow is the parade in Boston. While I won't be able to make it, (AARRGGGHH!) Amanda our roving photographer and HUGE Red Sox Fan (I mean that she is a faithful fan, I am NOT insinuating that she is physically big...). She and a few others will be making the Pilgrimage tomorrow and will have lots of photos to share on this blog in the next few days.

What a great ride this has been. I have had so much fun, and this blog has made it more special. Thanks, guys, for making the Summer of 2007 one to remember for a lifetime.


(Photos courtesy of boston.com)

This will never grow old!

more after work!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Are we on the brink of a Championship?

(photo by J.Redman, from flickr)
Is this it?
Is tonite the night?
Who will be the hero...
a rookie, or a veteran?
Today I feel like a little kid, waiting to go to Disneyland. We just got in the car, and I know its still a long drive, but the adrenaline is so up there, I can feel my heart beating inside my chest. I can't wait until I get there, and and soon as we do, I don't know what I want to do first.
Last night's Rockie comeback to within 1 run showed us all that those boys from Colorado still have a pulse. Don't slow dwn now, Red Sox! Great job, Dice man! Went to a great Halloween party last night, and what made it even greater, was that the hosts put a HUGE flatscreen TV in the party, for all the Sox fans to watch the game. Funny watching people boogying down to disco music, while, a mere 30 feet away, others are clapping for Dice-K.
Bullpen made my heart skip a few beats, how about yours? Thank goodness that Theo had the right brains this year to not give up or give away the likes of Dustin Pedroia, Papelbon, Youkilis, or Jacoby Ellsbury. Do you realize that none of them make more than 495,000 or so? So for $2 million, we have 4 awesome guys. Unbelievable.
See you all later, after tonite's Game FOUR!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Up 2-0, Is this The Last Homestand for #38?

(taken from my camera, just before it died!)
Great great game, Sox fans!
It was are ol' veteran against a rookie Jimenez, who only came into the big leagues in August.
Jimenez was good, but Curt pitched BIG, only giving up 1 run. His pitch choices were very deliberate, and he found his way around the corners of the plate. The highest mph that I recall is 1 at 92, and a couple at 91. Most of Curt's fastballs were around 86-88 mph.
I have to say, with our lead 2-0, I am afraid that this may have been Curt's last game in Fenway as a Red Sox. This makes me very sad. The crowd was very aware of this fact, as well. As Tito came out of the dugout to give Curt his farewell, the place exploded. Roaring applause, and appreciation for the guy with the once bloody sock.
One guy put this sign out there, for Curt to see. Aw, awfully cute, isn't he? Come to find out, FOX thought he was pretty cute as well. A few people have called me to tell me that they saw my husband on TV (pictured above), and McCarver made some remarks about Schill, while my husband held this sign. Jim, I hope you are enjoying that 15 minutes of fame!!!
seems like Curt just got here, remember when we all laughed at this dunkin donuts ad?
Once Curt left the mound, the game quickly turned into the battle of the bullpens, with our 2 reliables being the one-two punch we needed to take this win, and keep the Colorado bats at bay. Okajima pitched flawlessly, striking out 4, and giving up no walks and no hits in 2-2/3 innings.
Paps did what we all expected him to, and more. The best was when he picked off Holliday at first, for a very very important 3rd out in the 8th. When Paps came out of the bullpen with 2 outs in the 8th, you just got the sense that IT WAS ALL OVER. The place was electric.
And just as a final footnote to the evening...
what is the deal with J.D. Drew? Did somebody wake him up or something? Just who is the guy with blond hair in right field, wearing #7, and what did he do with the Drew we've had all year long?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

King Joshua I

Wow, did the Red Sox CRUSH those Rockies last night, or what?
Once again, Josh Beckett came out to the mound with the intensity and focus of a legend. Offensively, the Red Sox were just off the charts, from Pedroia's first swing, to the final out. Anyone who thought that the Rockies having 8 days off would not affect them, certainly are second guessing themselves after last night's drought.
We've got to keep this intensity as we head into Game Two. Tonite, Curt Schilling will take the mound, on 4 days of rest. He will face a young and relatively unknown Jimenez, who was only called up to the majors in August. I hear that his fastball has got some phenominal heat, but his control isn't always there.
Jim and I are heading up to the park tonite, to what is likely my last visit to Fenway this season. I am hoping it will be a pilgrimage to remember, in a good way of course!!
Will it be Curt's last outing in a Red Sox uniform?
I hope to have some interesting photos for you in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Does ANYONE know who Colorado is?

Boston.com has a funny video, interviewing fans in the city, to see what they know about tonite's opponent, the Colorado Rockies.

Seems like no one knows, or even cares that they don't know Bo about Colorado.
Click below:


I'm Optimistic... but still Cautious

Pennant flag, flying high over the Prudential Building, downtown Boston

(Globe Staff photo, taken by David L. Ryan)

We took the AL East,

Rallied from a deficit to take the AL Championship...

Our next mountain comes from Colorado.

I've never been one to go by how a team looks on paper, to determine whether I think they are going to win. Time and time again, in the playoffs, if you just look at that alone, it does NOT guarantee the win.

Just ask the Yankees. On paper, they looked like their offense was going to CRUSH their way into October. Instead, they got crushed themselves.

The Rockies? Who, other than Rockies fans themselves, would have thought THEY would make it into the postseason, nevermind the WORLD SERIES. Had you told me in May that the Rockies would be in the Series, I would have laughed at you. But not anymore.

The Sox start the World Series tonite (I still get all goosebumpy when I write those words!) at Fenway, against the Colorado Rockies. Josh Beckett vs. Jeff Francis 8:23 pm. Here are the matchups, and Postseason performance by position:

  • 1B Youkilis, .425 Avg. vs. Helton, .154 Avg.
  • 2B Pedroia, .286 Avg. vs. Matsui, .310 Avg.
  • 3B Lowell, .333 Avg. vs. Atkins, .185 Avg.
  • SS Lugo, .229 Avg. vs. Tulowitzki, .179 Avg.
  • Catch Varitek, .243 Avg. vs. Torrealba, .320 Avg.
  • OF Ramirez (.400), Crisp (.161) Drew (.306) vs. Holliday (.286), Taveras (.167), Hawpe (.304)
  • DH Ortiz, .387 Avg. vs. Spilborghs, .300 Avg.

tonite's pitchers: Beckett (1.17 ERA) vs. Francis (2.13 ERA)

Beckett will definitely set the tone for this series, once again. If he plays his game, and we win, it will take the wind out of the young Rockie club. Afterall, the Rockies have won their last 21 out of 22 games, and have had 8 days of rest. Coming into the World Series, their confidence level has been off the charts. Every game they have won since early September was a MUST WIN game for them. How can they not feel like Supermen, with a run like theirs?

And, while their story is the stuff dreams are made of, the Sox have business to finish. Beckett's first loss this year was at the hands of the Rockies, who came here the second week of June. Colorado won that series 2-1. I'm sure Beckett remembers Atkins, who hit a grand slam against him.

Still, I think the Sox have the edge, and will win this all in 6. We've been in first all year long, and its time to seal the deal.

If they lose, will I be upset? Sure, I will be disappointed. But not upset. I am so, so proud of these guys. They have made this summer unforgettable. My family has spent the last 6+ months with these guys, about 170 afternoons and evenings, to be exact. While some parents and their kids might have been watching Extra or Wheel of Fortune, we were tuned in to NESN night after night. Ask my 6 year old Jon what happened on Mother's Day. He might not remember that really cool beaded necklace he made for me, that made me cry when it fell apart 2 days later. But Jon can tell you that on Mother's Day the Red Sox beat the Orioles that afternoon, and they called it a Mother's Day Miracle.

These 40 guys are a permanent part of our lives. No matter what happens. And when they win it all, my family will be there together to celebrate.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Stage is Set... Soxtober vs. Rocktober!!!!

(photo courtesy of boston.com)

Here's your AL Rookie of the Year, getting it done in Game 7.

Congratulations to our beloved Red Sox, who can now call themselves Champions of the American League, 2007! What a great series this turned out to be, eh? To come back to Boston, down 3 games to 1, and then comeback to clinch it all, at home in front of 36,000+ of your friends. So, so sweet in so many ways.

Where to begin?

Beckett. Series MVP Josh Beckett is certainly making a name for himself in October. 2-0 with a 1.29 ERA this postseason so far. This award is well deserved. We HAD to have a win in Game 5, and he put it on his back and made it happen. Ex-girlfriends, flying tribe towels, tightened backs, none of this would deter his focus. He is our most valuable player, because without his unfaltered command, we might never have made it back to Boston.

Boston Offense at Home. Boston outscored the Tribe 30-5 in the last 3 games. The beauty of it, was that it wasn't our waiting for Manny and Papi. Others stepped up, just as was done all year long. Youkilis was HUGE, going into game 7 he was batting .478 for the ALCS, and by the time he hit that 2 run homer, he was batting an incredible .500. Papi finished .292. Manny, .409. After a slow start, Pedroia proved why he is deserving of AL's Rookie of the Year. His bat electrified games 6 and 7, finishing game 7 with 5 RBIs, which included a double and HR.

Schilling and Dice-K. Games 6 & 7 needed 2 starters who could offer good command. Schill exceeded my expectations, going 7 innings. And Dice-K, while lasting only 5 innings in game 7, only had 2 earned runs, and found himself able to get out of a tough 5th inning. It was a great improvement to his 4- 2/3 innings contribution in Game 3.

Cleveland left their bats back in Cleveland. Travis Hafner batted .148 and struck out 12 times. Grady Sizemore only went 3 for 17 in the last 5 games. Overall, the Indians hit only .176 with runners in scoring position, the last 3 games. Sabathia and Carmona stuggled BIG TIME during the ALCS. They combined for an 0-3 in 4 starts, with a combined ERA of 12.67.

Is the Cleveland 3rd base coach Joel Skinner currently on our payroll? Something tells me he may be sending out his resume during the off season, as his decision to hold Kenny Lofton at third base in the 5th was a disasterous mistake for the tribe. Franklin Gutierrez' single went over 3rd base, into foul territory and bounced into short left. To Skinner, it looked like it might bounce back torwards Lowell or Lugo. So he stopped Lofton in his tracks, as Manny jogged towards the ball. There is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that Lofton would have been safe.

I must admit, it wasn't until Pedroia's double cleared the bases, that I finally relaxed last night. With the Indians this series, a 1 or 2 run lead seemed never enough. Both sides slowly chipped away, never backed down. Once Pedroia broke it open, then I knew the Championship was within our grasp. Must be the old Sox fan in me. It seems I am always waiting for the bad break to happen. Someone to drop a ball, or throw wildly, causing runs. Or a bad call by an ump, or something like that.

But this time, for once, one of those things DIDN'T happen. We took a lead, and kept it. And pitched our guts out, and crushed the ball.


Way to go, guys. Make sure you pack those winter hats for Game 3, fellas. It's been snowing in Colorado and we, once again need to be ready.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fenway Park Pix from 10-20-07 WIN

Here's the place to get tickets on gameday, as Jim
and I walked by I did see a transaction taking place.
There were about 40 people waiting in line at the time.

As a reminder to all, the legacy of Curt
Schilling is replicated by this fan...

Here is another guy showing off his
Curt Schilling "bloody sock".

I simply kept my socks on, as we hung out on
Yawkey Way, watching everyone mill into the stadium.

Definitely a good vibe, really packed, too! Lots
of people wearing their red shirts and jackets.

On the other side of where Rem-Dawgs is, the Fox
people set up a broadcast tent, similiar to that of NESNs.
The crowd around the NESN booth, as always, was
Jammed, but as you can see here, no one gave a crap
about the Fox people. Tim Mc-who?

Here you go, Sox Nation, as you requested, Jacoby
Ellsbury, in the lineup, his first time up to bat in
the postseason. A few pitches in, and he will get a single.

2 nice neighbors, holding my sign.

Great to see Trot in right field, weird that he isn't
wearing #7. Trot was never booed the whole
evening, unlike my last game vs. the Angels, where
Guerrero was taunted all night long.

Bill Mueller tossing out the ceremonial 1st pitch.
They did a really great job of trying to get the crowd
pumped for the game, using alot of '04 references,
including this former 3rd baseman!

This guy from Canton, CT in front of me, wishing Joe
Torre well. On the back of his sign, was written,
"RESIGN MIKE LOWELL". Amen to that!

Great reference to the Lofton/Beckett confrontation
from Game 5. Beckett Killed Kenny.
You can see by the signs, that Kenny Lofton's face
is in the Kenny cartoon. Hilarious!

Trot caught a flyout by Mike Lowell, and
tossed it into the crowd. My husband
would have caught it, if it weren't for
this guy's old timer's glove.

Jim had a fun time... he is tall, so he can see the
action pretty well... unlike little 'ol me...

here was my view of the action. Being 5"3, I
spent most of the night standing on my chair,
or in front with the Canton guy's wife.

J.D. Drew, game 6 hero. So now that
he hit a grand slam, do we still call
him Nancy Drew?

Stats say it all. Thanks, Curt for a great outing.

Shot of the crowd behind me. The Sox requested that
we all wear red shirts, as you can see, the row
behind me apparently did NOT get the memo.

Manny running out a base hit. It happens so
rarely, that I had to snap a shot of it, for my kids.

Can you see the large crowd, standing on the
Budweiser sign? Never saw that before.
Man, They are getting pretty creative at making up
places to charge for seating in this park. I heard
that all of the Monster and Bud seats were corporate
sponsors, so even if you WANTED to stand there,
it was next to impossible.


Sox Win, 12-2... We See Another Day


A great game, and a great win by our guys. Key hits by guys you least expect, and big pitches from the guy who somehow always manages to come up BIG when it's all on the line.

Schilling: 7.0 Innings pitched

6 Hits, 2 Runs, 0 Walks, 5 Strikeouts You couldn't ask for anything better from this guy.

And Drew? Wow, Grand Slam in inning one, and we never looked back. Drew has been pounded all year long for being the continual third out, Mr. Groundout. Last night, he was the ultimate hero. 5 RBIs on the night. Is he our Mark Bellhorn of 2007?

Funny, I had just told a few people behind me, when there were two outs, bases loaded, and Drew was up that at my house right at that moment, I would be headed for the bathroom.


Wha? I look out in center field, as Sizemore watches Drew's ball fly into the stands. I was surely wrong.

Were you like me? I see Gagne warming up in the pen, and I immediately look at the scoreboard. Sox up 12-2. Hmmm... if Gagne comes out onto the mound to pitch the ninth...

Is a 10 run lead big enough?

I was glad to see the fans in the stadium supporting this guy. I know everyone had a lump in their throats, but each kept the negative vibes to themselves. And Gagne came through, without giving up a run, and exited with his head held high.

Like my sign said last night, "They may have a tribe, but we have a NATION." And we still have the FAITH.

I've got some pictures from last night, that I plan to post here later on today, before...

I am so psyched to say....

before TONIGHT'S GAME. Game 7. Bring it on!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ha Ha's While we Wait for Tonite's Game....

Are you as sick as I am of those "This is October" commercials on Fox?

Saturday Night Live did a pretty good spoof of those Dane Cook ads recently, and I found a clip of it
Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy as we wait for our Boys to take the field... GO CURT!


Friday, October 19, 2007

We Still Have a Pulse...

(photo courtesy of norwichbulletin.com, from AP)

We needed him to deliver, and boy did Beckett deliver BIG.
8 innings, 11 Ks, 1 ER.
Has the pendulum now swung in our direction? Last night, we saw offense from more than just
Manny, Papi, and Lowell.
Youk was HUGE
Pedroia busted out of his slump, and hit the ball hard.
Lugo came up with a key bunt
Yup, Even Drew came up with a great hit.
This sudden offensive surge is a big deal. We just haven't seen it since we arrived in Cleveland. And now, with the series at 3-2, we head back to Fenway, and try to get the next 2 games under our belts. It is still do-or-die, but I definitely feel like there's some more life in this ballclub.
Schill is going to need all the support he can get from his offense. And Curt needs to pitch at least 6 solid innings. No mistakes. Look for me down by the Pesky Pole. I'll be the Sox fan making LOTS OF NOISE!!!
Oh yeah, and for those of you out there who still want your voices heard regarding Jacoby Ellsbury, there is a new site out there, to sign a petition which will go to Tito, requesting that Ellsbury play in Coco's place on Saturday night. Here is the website:
Hurry! Sign up before that petition goes out! Leave your comments, too!
Coco went o'fer again last night. Couldn't even lay down a bunt. C'mon Tito! We can't do any worse!

Goodbye, Torre...

photo taken from NYPost....

Well, the era has ended, and the dynasty is officially over.

Its a shame, really. This guy brings the Yankees to the postseason 12 times in a row, and it isn't good enough. The Yankee office looks like a bunch of bafoons, the way I see it.

$200 million in 2007 gave Torre a boatload of injuries, subpar pitching, a 45 yr old dinosaur, and at least one egomaniac who doesn't know the meaning of the word team. Those are the tools that Torre had to work with this year. The fact that the Yankees turned it around in the second half like they did, is deserving of Manager of the Year.

Hey, I'm not shedding any tears for the man. Torre, too, made a ton of money being a Yankee. $7 million this year alone. That's at least $6,9xx,xxx+ more than I made with my daytime job. But I do have a tremendous amount of respect for the guy, I think he is a proven ballclub leader, who presents himself with dignity and class.

Torre leaving is good for those people who do not root for the Yankees. You think things were messed up in '07? I have a feeling that this is going to be a long-term project.

Belly on up to the bar, Yankee fans. You guys are going to need a drink...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Draw Your Faith from '04, Sox Nation

Last night, I needed some pick me up...

something to remind me that all is OK
and that there is still hope.

I watched a movie. One that, if you haven't seen, you should.

It's called Reverse of the Curse of the Bambino. It's a documentary which details the struggles of the Red Sox, from the 1919 sale of Babe Ruth, through the magical season that was 2004. It's told from the perspectives of Red Sox fans; some famous, some not. Details of where they were, how they felt, what they did during those times of pain and times of joy that were the summers of '67, '78, '86, 2003, 2004.

I've seen it before, and love it so much, I had to watch it again. It fueled me with the passion and promise that we can't, and shouldn't give up.

Here a little summary on it, that I took from netflix: http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Reverse_of_the_Curse_of_the_Bambino/70021270?strkid=1362448693_3_0

If you are looking for a little positive Mojo... take an hour or so out of your busy life and watch it. It's a good story.

Hey, I've been thinking.... maybe Ellsbury isn't playing because as a Native American, he is offended by the Cleveland logo.

OK, you're right that IS a stretch. Sorry.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Fat Lady is Currently Gargling...

Beware... once she starts to sing, consider this season OVER.

Bad luck? Maybe. Line drives, typical base hits, were hit smack at Indian fielders. A ball hit just to the right of Wakefield, that he deflects, costing a double-play. That one sinker that just didn't sink, turning into a 3 run homer.

Honestly, though, I don't buy that it's about luck.

These Cleveland Indians, so far, are simply outplaying us. Their lineup is hitting from top to bottom, 1-9. Cleveland boasts a different hero every day. We are only getting production out guys 2-5. Their halfway decent pitchers are playing like they are Cy Young winners. ours can't get past the 4th inning. Their bullpen guys are lights out. Some of our bullpen guys are playing as if there are no lights on in the field.

The thing about the postseason, is that it will magnify your flaws. We can't avoid the fact that there is great inconsistency in our lineup. How comfortable are you when there are two outs, somebody on, and one of these guys are up to bat?


I know at my house, what happens. Someone sighs, gets up off the couch, and hits the bathroom for the inevitable commercial break.

If we lose this series, Tito will have to answer some tough questions. Not just with the fluff, stock, generic responses that we have been hearing, but real, honest answers.

  • Why did we NOT utilize the rookie, Jacoby Ellsbury, the lightning in a bottle?

  • Why did we NOT try and shake things up, by putting in Cora for Lugo in game 4?

  • Were we better for resting Beckett, and not playing him in game 4?

  • Why was Gagne used in game two with a tie game, knowing he hasn't had the confidence to handle it?

  • Why was Bucholtz off the roster?

Well, we've got the next 24 hrs to think about what has gone wrong, and what needs to improve. Let's put our positive energy out there, Sox fans. Think 2004. Think comeback. Think WIN.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gotta Trust, Gotta have Faith

Tito has decided to NOT pitch Beckett tonite, who would be pitching on 3 days of rest, and instead he is sending Tim Wakefield to the mound, who hasn't pitched in over 3 weeks. So Wakefield will be up against Byrd, who is Cleveland's #4.

Some people in Red Sox Nation are freaking out over this decision.

On One Hand...

We're down 2 games to 1. We need a win! Why not put in our ace, who has proven in the postseason that he can pitch, and pitch well on only 3 days rest? A win here would be a gain of momentum!

But on the Other Side...

Pitching Beckett tonite would not allow for extra rest for both Schilling and Dice-K. Both pitchers were okay, but not great, in their starts. By pitching Beckett in his normal slot, it increases our chances that we will win games 5-7 because it will be with our normal rotation, on normal or more rest. And our #2 and #3 guys need all the time they can get.

I have to say, I am all for the rotation to stay just as it is. We don't HAVE to win this game tonite. It's not a win or go home situation. I think that Tito, once again, is thinking big picture, and what is good for all the guys, not just for one game. As fans, we get so caught up in the drama and the day to day, that we sometimes lose the bigger perspective.

Keep the Faith, fellas. We maintained first place from April to October. Luck did not not get us there, playing solid baseball did. Cleveland is giving us a run, one that everyone expected. So we shouldn't panic that they have won a couple of games. No one should be surprised that the Indians are playing well.

We just have to play better. Pedroia, Drew, Coco, Lugo need to find it in themselves and hit the damn ball, solidly. No more of these ridiculous ground balls. Papi's knee is the size of a Jim Dandy ice cream sundae, and he is still finding a way to produce. It's time for the others to step up as well. Because whether you like it or not, Wake is pitching tonite. And he will need some run support. Otherwise, we will be one step closer to Saturday tee time with Jeter.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sayonara, Matsuzaka San

We keep playing like this, and our beloved Sox will be making tee times with Jeter and Damon by Saturday.

C'mon, guys! I can't believe you are going to let these Cleveland Indians tromp all over you!

For the second straight post season start, Dice K could not get out of the 4th inning. Tonite he goes 4 2/3, 4 runs, 6 hits, 2 walks, 6 Ks. But he is not the only reason we have struggled in Game 3.

You can't win a ballgame, if you cant score runs, especially when there are runners in scoring position.

So has been the case with these Red Sox all year. When we are hot, we are on FIRE. But leaving it all up to Manny, Papi, and Lowell every night is suicide. Other than Youkilis, the rest of our bats are just sucking wind. Might as well wrap the ALCS in a pretty little box with a red and white bow, with the lack of production out there. So far tonite we continue with quiet bats from Pedroia, Coco, Drew, etc. etc. Who will step up to the plate?

Lay off the sinkers, guys! All we keep doing is hitting ground balls. As I write, its now the 6th inning, and we are down 4 - 0. Youk and Papi are on, Manny is up and Lowell is on deck. My hope is that we will figure out a way to turn it on, and get some numbers on the board.

More later... hope to tell you good news; we shall see?!?

UPDATE: 9:20 pm. Manny grounds out, into a double play. Inning over... Sigh....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

No More Rent-A Wreck.... please.

(lifted from Yahoo Sports)

What's it going to take, for Sox management to figure out that this guy should NOT be on the postseason roster? How many games do we need to lose?

OK, I realize that he is not the one who pitched to Nixon, who got the hit, driving in the first of what seemed to be 10,000 runs in the 11th. Lopez did. But had Gagne done the job he has been paid tremendously for - get OUTS, things may not have imploded as they did.

Are you guys like me? I see Gagne warming up in the pen, and my stomach flops over. I now expect us to lose. If we are 10 runs ahead, then I feel OK giving the guy a ball to see what happens. But with the game tied? NO WAY, I don't care what numbers he puts into our payroll. This time of year it isn't about giving a guy a chance to see what he can do. It's about putting in your guys who can get the job done. Gagne was good in LA, but for whatever reason, he can't figure it out here in Boston. Hey, that's just how it goes. Have him take a seat, and work on how to fix his issues. But not on our clock, during an ALCS game.

Tito has been beyond patient with Gagne. Adding him to the roster was a gamble, that we all now realize has failed. Fine. Cut the loss. We teach our kids, that there is nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake, why can't the Sox do the same?

I would much rather have Tavarez in his spot. It's sounds crazy coming out of my mouth! While Julian wasn't exactly a lights-out dominator, he was pretty darn consistent this year; a workhorse who did whatever was asked of him and had decent success.

Well, now we head to Cleveland tied in the series, 1-1. Time for Dice-K to pitch the game of his life.

Friday, October 12, 2007

You don't Need Scalpers in Arizona

here is a very interesting article about ticket sales (or lack thereof) for the NLCS games being played out in Arizona.

Man, you would NEVER have this problem in our market. Can you imagine being able to get tickets, on game day, without any problems, directly from the Fenway ticket office?

Wow, I'd never pay over face value again!!!


Sox up 1-0, Beckett delivers as expected. C.C. Sabathia seemed M.I.A. More later.

The Farrell Factor

(photo courtesy of MLB.com)

The finest path to becoming the World Champions, is by beating the better teams. The Sox certainly have their hands full this week, as they begin the ALCS tonite at Fenway Park versus the Cleveland Indians.

My call is Sox win in 6.

I hope you all are ready for some old fashioned baseball, as it looks to be a pitcher's shootout. The two Cy Young candidates meet head to head tonite: Josh Beckett vs. C.C. Sabathia. There will be very little wiggle room for errors during this series; make a mistake and the other team will capitalize.

I think there is an unspoken advantage that will work in our favor, and that is pitching coach John Farrell is on Our Team this year.

Before this season, Farrell spent the last 5 years as the Cleveland Indian's Director of Player Development. In many ways, we actually have to give Farrell some of the credit (or some of the blame) as to why guys like Carmona, Sizemore, Sabathia and Hafner have developed into the talents they are today. It was great that they were so talented when they faced those Yankees, but now they are facing us! (Thanks a lot John Farrell!)

I am sure Farrell is more than a little proud of this accomplishment. After all, at least half of the guys on Cleveland's 40-man roster developed while under his watch in Cleveland. And this year, we have seen the success he has had with our pitching staff, as he worked with Schilling and his adjustments this year, and helped Dice-K during his transition to American ball, among others.

But, while he's done a great job in the past in Cleveland, the fact that he is now on our side has to be a benefit. It's like having another scout, one who was on the inside track. Farrell has a lot of first hand experience with many of the Cleveland guys. That knowledge and experience has to work in our favor, even if just a little bit.

So even though those Cleveland guys are tough, I still think we've got the tools to win this series. And if we fall short, and Cleveland plays as well as their potential, and win, at least I know which guy I am going to blame.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Aarrghh! Suzyn, Take it Like a Man!

As a woman who eats, sleeps and breathes sports, I find Yankee announcer Suzyn Waldman's breakdown after the Yankees were eliminated on Monday, so disappointing.

Here is a woman who has the job that any of us ladies would KILL for... being right there in our favorite team's clubhouse, in the action. (well, this example isn't my favorite team, it's hers, but you get my point...) Suzyn is a gal who has broken down gender barriers, whether it's realized or not. At the least, she should be known and respected for her intelligence and confidence.

Instead, she will be long remembered for being the lady who cried like a little school girl when the Yankees lost in '07. Add to that, the lady who has been ridiculed for her giddy glee "Roger Clemens is in Steinbrenner's Box!!" Ugh! Repulsive.

I am certainly not a super feminist, but as a woman, I understand that baseball has always been a man's world. Only in my generation has society evolved so that we ladies are longer pressing our noses against the glass on the locker room door, unable to get in. We are there, amidst the jockstraps and all.

Demonstrations of emotion and weakness like Suzyn's just adds more fuel to the argument that we aren't tough enough to be amongst the boys. Yes, I get that she's worked closely with Torre for 12 years. He and John are good friends. Also, the writing is on the wall; Torre will probably be unemployed by the time I get this week's paycheck.

But Suzyn, it wasnt like Torre died.
No one was injured, no puppies were harmed.

Torre is going to go down as one of baseball's great managers. So Next week, he will be able to take all those millions of dollars that the Yankees have been paying him for the last decade plus two, and he can go off and enjoy it.
Travel, golf, enjoy his family, blah blah blah blah blah.

He has had a phenominal run... there's nothing to cry about there.

Here's a link to the audio, thanks to bostondirtdogs andawfulannouncing. Fast forward about 2 minutes, 45 secs to hear the meltdown...


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pictures from Friday's Game at Fenway

first date at Fenway, hanging out on Yawkey Way

Eyewitness News in Providence did a story about women
who are baseball fans, and the differences between men
and women fans... guess who they interviewed???? Yours truly.
If I can ever get the video, I will post it here. Otherwise, Jim
taped it and we have a VCR copy of it.

Dice-K warming up in plain view. Our seats were
awesome; 2nd row off right field... many season
ticket holders around us, who all knew each other
over the years... it made me feel like an extra from
the movie, Fever Pitch.

Since we were in right field, we Got to get pretty close to
Vlad all night. He chomps on alot of sunflower seeds.
Vlad got pretty sick of listening to this guy all night

"the Hartford Heckler" is my name for this guy from Glastonbury
who sat behind us. Funny at first, but was unrelentless.
Notice the Hartford Whalers jersey. He got tossed in the 7th
inning for being a bit obnoxious to Vlad and a few others in the
stands. Big shocker. He said, "I didnt do anything". Yeah,
I have heard that one in Boston before...

this shot was taken with 2 outs, bottom of the ninth, Manny just came up
to bat, Papi is on first. I grabbed my camera, because the buzz
in the stadium was electric, and I didn't want to
miss it!

Of course I was so excited, I was hugging all
my neighbors so I got crappy shots of the walk
off home run. Pretty much missed the whole thing.
All I could manage was a shot of
Paps being interviewed.

Notice the sign above "RED SOX WIN". Not my most
flattering picture, but my Mom would have been
proud; you can only see a couple of cavities.

Sheila and I ramping it up as the crowd celebrates our
first round victory. She took me to my very first Red Sox game
when I was a kid, so it was only appropriate that we share
this awesome moment together!

I guess my opinion is moot...

(lifted, courtesy of A Red Sox State of Maine, many thanks)

(photo from Flickr)

The Yankees lose. It doesn't matter what my opinion is on the topic of which would be my choice to face in the next round. I know that Cleveland is red HOT now, and our pitchers are up for a tough fight.

I can't believe Torre will probably be fired. He has taken that team to the postseason 12 times in a row, and led those guys into a second half that only dreams were made of. While some of us in the rest of the world would consider a manager who does this, a candidate for Manager of the Year, Steinbrenner wants his head on a platter.

The Manager works with the tools in hand, the General Manager provides them. Maybe Cashman should be the one to take the hit.

Monday, October 8, 2007

We've Got a Mr. October, and he Does it Again

(photo courtesy of StarTribune)
Congratulations to our Boston Red Sox, who are headed to the ALCS!!
Say what you'd like about Curt Schilling, but he is definitely a guy that I want around during a post-season run. Once again, Curt showed us all that he is an effective pitcher in a playoff situation.
This is the guy who re-invented himself this year, after months of struggling. The guy who once hit 93-94 mph consistently, who now hovers around 87-89 mph. For Schill, it's all about command of pitch location these days. And yesterday, he demonstrated that the guy isn't ready to leave the mound just yet.
A guy who is teetering on the cusp of HOF consideration, Curt certainly put another feather in his cap. His playoff numbers are fabulous: 9-2 record, .818 winning percentage. Yesterday, he threw 100 pitches, 76 of them were strikes. Pretty good for a 40 year old guy.
Batman and Robin. Abbott and Costello. Peanut butter and Jelly.
All are 1-2 punches that are great together. But here's my favorite combo:
Ortiz and Ramirez.
When they are both on, they are incredibly dangerous.
So who do you want the Red Sox to face in the next round of the Playoffs? Cleveland or the New York Yankees?
It's a pretty hot topic out there in blog and sports radio land. Think about it, I'll be blogging my opinion very very soon.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Higher Power of Influence?

(Joba getting hosed, from NY Post)
I am someone who believes that it is a waste of time to pray to God when your ballteam is losing a game.
I laugh when I see fans in the stands at a game, with their hands clenched together, eyes closed, head pointed torward the sky, looking for divine intervention from above.
I believe in God, but I just think there are more important things in the world that he's currently dealing with. Topics I am sure you have heard of, like wars, famine, AIDS, violence against children, etc. The outcome of a ballgame is CERTAINLY NOT one of the higher priorities, sorry sports fans.
But I have to say, I had to stop for a minute a reconsider this position, watching the whole gnat incident on Friday night, during the Yankee/Indians game.
Watching Joba Chamberlain, with hundreds of irritaing bugs sticking to his neck and head, kinda freaked me out. I read about these kinds of things in Sunday school, as a kid.
Take some time to read Exodus in that bible of yours tucked far away. You will discover that God sometimes sent his wrath down on the sinners, in the forms of bugs, locusts, snakes, etc.
And as quickly as those pesky gnats descended upon the players, they exited, leaving one particular Yankee with less composure than we have ever seen him, and a tied up ball game to boot.
Was this an act of God... or just sheer, bad luck? Only the consciences of those involved in the game really know for sure...
Meet you all back at 3:00 Sunday - Let's see if Curt still has a few more Postseason gems in him, as we look for a SWEEP.