Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well, somebody took 2 of 3, just like I predicted.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the Red Sox.

Friday, Sox lose 8-7

Just when you think its all over, the other team reminds you how there are no definitives in baseball.

Our seats on Friday were standing room, up top, between home and the Yankee dugout. Dice-K had a decent outing, a nice lead. At the end of the 7th, my husband noticed a bunch of empty seats, real close to the action. He thought it might be fun to sit a bit closer. Why not?

It took us 10 mins. to get there, as we tried to first sneak into the .406 club... unsuccessfully. When we sat down, I noticed the score had changed... it wasn't 7-2 anymore, it was 7-4. Uh oh. We missed the 2 homers by Giambi and Cano altogether. What happened, and why were there Yankee players on 2nd and 3rd with 0 outs? Then when Papelbon came in, well, of course he would get us out of the jam, right?

Not. 3 hits later, we were down, and would stay that way.

I'm a Sox fan. I told my husband that it was our fault. We moved, and changed the charma. There was no way on God's good earth that I would EVER move my seat again.

Saturday, Sox win 10-1

The hyped up pitching duel between 2 Cy Young wannabes only lasted 6 innings. After that, Beckett grabbed the horns and ran, giving the Sox a 10-1 win, and stopping a 5 game losing streak to the Yankees.

You Bet I stayed in my seat this time.

This game was not without its drama. I'd like to know what it is about Youkilis that the Yankees hate him so much. On this day, he gets hit by a Wang pitch right on the wrist. Thankfully, its not broken, just bruised. Looks like Hinske will cover at first, which will give Ellsbury more time in left field, which is always a good thing.

Speaking of Hinske, Yankee catcher Posada found out the hard way that Hinske played football in pre baseball days. In the 6th, trying to get to a blocked home plate, Hinske bowled over Posada, but was out trying to score. Posada looked like he thought he was Batman for a few minutes, there dazed and confused. Luckily, all tests for concussions were negative.

Even Beckett got in on the controversy, as he popped Giambi once he got over 100 pitches. Retribution? Probably. As a result, he and the others got their warnings, and he retired the rest to end the inning.

Sunday, Sox lose 4-3

This is the game that to me, was going to be most interesting. Two guys who have seen their better days. And both guys pitched quite well. For Curt, it was two pitches that did him in. Other than that, his control was great, his location was good, and he hit speeds up to 93 mph, the highest we've seen in about a month.

Jeter, Jeter, Jeter.

Joba paid us a visit as well. Thanks to Mike Lowell, he no longer has a 0.00 ERA, as he belted a solo homer into the monster.

I know many people have been critical of Torre this year, in his management of his pitchers, and always relying on the veterans. But I have to say, Torre's smartest move was playing Mientkiewicz at first for Sunday's game. Giambi's defense was a disaster at first base on Friday night. I can think of 3 times during Sunday night's game where, had Giambi been playing that position, we would have either been save at first, or the ball would have raced by him, into right field.

To me, Giambi not at first was one of the major reasons the Sox did not score more runs. It may have been the difference in this game.

Yeah, we only took one. We're 4.5 games out. But hey, these were great games to watch, I must admit.

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