Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is What We Live For...

Yeah, the Bombers are Coming!
The Bombers are Coming!
What a fun weekend of baseball this is going to be. I'm lucky enough to be going up to Fenway for Friday night and Saturday's games. Friday we will see if Dice-K can bounce back, from what has been 2 horrible outings back to back. He'll be opposing Andy Pettitte, who is looking for his 200th win, while on Yawkey Way. Pettitte's got a 4.75 ERA against the Sox this year.
Saturday will be a battle of the aces game, as Wang takes on Beckett. And Sunday looks to be the Senior Discount Day, as Clemens and Schilling both take the mound.
My prediction is we take 2 out of 3. Dice-K is a great pitcher, unfortunately for us the Yankees haven't had an opportunity to see that yet, and Dice-K is due. His ERA against them is so far this year is an ugle 6.98. But, I think Saturday's game will be the toughest. On Sunday, as long as Schilling pitches like he has the last 3 games, we should do fine.
Something tells me an elbow overshot with cortisone on a 45 year old guy is an ingredient for whoop-pie.
We're meeting a good friend of mine at Fenway on Saturday, who will be accompanied by her fiance, a die-hard Yankee fan. As far as I can tell, this is his only flaw. I laugh when I think about the circumstances of our inviting him to come with us. Sure, it was easy to WANT to bring a Yankee fan when you are 13 games up on them, which was the case when we offered them the pair of tickets back at the end of May. My Red Sox Faithful friends want to kill me, for committing such a horrendous crime and not offering the tickets to them.
So, our AL East lead is stuck at 5.5, and our Magic Number to the Playoffs tonite sits at 11. Many thanks to our friends up north of the border, who handed the Yankees a 2-1 loss after a walk off single by Frank Thomas to score Alex Rios. I must admit, Ian Kennedy looked real good tonite, 7 innings, only giving up 1 hit. Merci beaucoup, Blue Jays, for stopping that winning streak at 7.
So I will be sure to take some good photos this weekend, and share them with you all.
Sorry I will miss your Red Sox party, Mike and Debbie. I wish I had a nice new HDTV to share NESN with my closest friends, as you will be doing. I know I will be missing a great time. But you have to admit, even the biggest HDTV is still no match to being there, live. So sorry guys, look for my sign; it'll have your name on it, right next to Rem-Dawg's.

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