Tuesday, September 4, 2007

There's a Youth Movement in the Nation!

Theo and the Gang over in baseball Development have had one hell of a week showcasing their recent minor league graduates...

Pedroia continues to demonstrate why he is a viable candidate for AL Rookie of the Year.

Buckholz pitches a no hitter Saturday.

Lester gives up only 2 runs as he gets the win on Sunday.

Jacoby Ellsbury steps right into the outfield on Friday as if he was always there. His speed, defensive prowess, and lively bat sparks this team.

Brandon Moss comes in for Manny during his aches and pains, and shows all of us why he was worth keeping during the '07 trading deadline...

Every team gets to bring up the young guns this time of year. But it isn't often that the new guys come up and show contribution so quickly. Red Sox Nation is fortunate because we have several of them.

We can castrate Theo for overspending for J.D. Drew, but we have to pat him on the back for keeping his composure and thinking about long term;and NOT trading some of these young prospects away for short term reasons. These are real players who can be true contributors to our team in the near future.

Hats off to our managers and coaches in Portland and Pawtucket. They seem to have done a wonderful job, preparing these guys for their chance to earn their spots on the roster.

In '06, guys like Hansen came up too early out of necessity, and they weren't ready for the big field. Hansen was a bust, and you won't hear his name anytime soon. I think Theo and the Gang learned from that experience, unfortunately it was at Hansen's expense.

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