Thursday, September 27, 2007

Now Our Historical 3rd baseman

Sorry to all the guy readers out there, this is the only picture I could get of our Mikey today, a Tommy Hilfiger ad. I certainly don't mind looking at it, but maybe you do...

Mike Lowell scored himself another 5 RBIs last night, and now he is in the record books. At 116 RBIs this season, he is now the Red Sox All Time 3rd base RBI record holder. The record was previous held by that other good looking 3rd baseman from back in 1977, Butch Hobson.

Mike's year has been outstanding. Who would argue that he is the Red Sox's MVP for '07? He's been the most reliable, most clutch, and most dependable guy so far this year. Put him in the 6th sport, 4th spot, 5th spot, it doesn't matter. He just goes out there and will PRODUCE. Thanks to a guy like this, pitchers have HAD to pitch to Papi. Simply put, he's had a his best season yet. Its awful to think that a guy like this, having been such a significant part of the team this year, may not be back for '08.

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