Sunday, September 30, 2007


I can't believe it all happened while I was in Canada.
I arrived in Toronto early friday morning, I am attending a cousin's wedding. So Fridays night, I went to see the Jays play Tampa Bay in the Skydome, with another cousin and his girlfriend.
I was looking forward to going to a game, and watching it for the love of baseball, not because the team has to win. No stress, just hanging around and watching America's game. 2nd row off the field (afterall, it was against Tampa Bay, and the place was about 1/2 empty). Amazing how great the seat selection is, so close to gametime.
But You know what I realized? Games that mean nothing... are sometimes just downright boring.
This cousin with us has said watching baseball is like watching grass grow. He, like everyone else around here, is more interested in Hockey. This reality is quite painful when the Sox are 2 away from clinching the Division. Good, timely information is tough to come by. No one around here even cared.
Well, I cared, and my brother, the Yankee fan, also cared. What we found was a scoreboard that did not give us updated scores in real time. Very frustrating.
No TV channel showed highlights or scores. The bars we went into showed the exhibition hockey games, not a snipit of baseball. Not even small tickers on the bottom, with stats. I went to bed Friday night, not knowing if the Nation was celebrating... or sulking.
So now, 24 hours later, after my beautiful cousin had her beautiful wedding, I took my opportunity to go online and search for answers. Whoopie! We won. A beautiful ending to a beautiful day. Even if I am a day late.

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