Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just the Spark we Need... way to Go, Clay!

Funny how things have a way of taking care of themselves.
Here we are in Sox Nation, lamenting that our bats have been cold...

Manny's hurt...

Kelty's been sore...

Wakefield's back is bothering him again...

Wake's out of the lineup for a week, and the front office decides to bring up their prize pitching prospect, Clay Bucholtz, to give him a start. Just in time for the roster expansion. Heck, we've all been hearing about this guy all year, that he's got wicked good stuff: curve, breaking ball, change up. Really good with the off speed stuff. Wow, what a way to say hello to all of us in the Nation.

36 hours ago, he was sitting on the bench in Pawtucket.

This morning, he is soaking in the fact that he is the first rookie in Red Sox history to pitch a NO HITTER. Only the 3rd guy in baseball history to pitch a no hitter in his 1st or 2nd game.

How's that for a spark for this team? Clay has never thrown more than 98 pitches in his life. Theo and the gang found themselves in a bind. Going into the 9th Clay was already over 100 pitches. Do they pull him out? After discussion, they decided 120 would be his maximum. Once he pitched 120, Tito would have to take him out, no matter what, and look like the Goat.

Thankfully, it only took Clay 115.

Another note: Jacoby Ellsbury came in late in the game, and on his first pitch hits an RBI double. Welcome to the team, Jacoby. Glad to have you here, I hope you like right field, because I hope this will be your new home. We'll let you fight for it, with rookie Brandon Moss. Brandon played for Manny last night, and gave us some offense, too. Neither of you can do worse than G.D. Drew.

The 2007 Red Sox have talent. But it seems that they have lacked that spark that they need. Could this be the spark that we've been missing? Does anyone have some lighter fluid, so we can turn this into a flame?

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