Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Owe the Sox an Apology

I can believe it, but I did it.

I lost it last night. For a little while, I actually gave up on our Sox. And I promised Jim that I would apologize to the Red Sox, right here on my blog for being such a terrible, terrible fan.

The top of the 5th saw a score of 9-5. After trailing 8-1, the fact that the Sox rallied to get to 5 was great. But once the Rays scored again to make it 9-5, I made the mistake of switching to YES, and saw their score. The Yanks were on mark to win again, and with Manny down, and J.D. Drew and Kevin Cash in the lineup, I admit, gulp!, that I lost the faith.

Jim sat calmly in the recliner, watching me cuss, pace, and pull my hair out. "C'mon, Chris, don't give up. The Rays starter is coming out soon, and we'll come back." Just how could he be so calm, no emotion? What, is there icewater in his veins?

I couldn't bear to look. I needed a break. I went upstairs and started cleaning up a mess that has been there for longer than I want to admit. I even put on the History Channel, and had 9/11 stories on, instead of NESN. How's that for depressing?

But, as always, I can't stay away from my boys for long. I switched back and it was the 6th. Wha? Tied up 9-9? What the heck happened? Youk is up? Oh, man, bases loaded, this looks pretty good. Yeah! Smacked a triple off the green monster, and cleared the bases! Whoopie!

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, stepping with glee, my ever faithful husband was waiting. He knew I'd be back. And he reminded me of my shame from a mere inning ago. I had cheated on the likes of Pedroia, Youk, Coco and even Ellsbury... all guys who didn't give up in the 6th when things had gotten tough.

So now, I apologize. I've been rooting for these guys for a long, long time. And unfortunately some of these years have been heartbreaking. But I have to remember that the days of Bill Buckner and Bob Stanley are behind us. This is a new day. There is no more curse; probably there never was.

Like a good marriage, you have to take the good and the bad. And show support for that loved one, especially when times are tough. I tripped last night, and don't worry boys, I will never do it again!

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