Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gagne Blows the Game, in the Motherland

I have absolutely nothing to say, no words. Anyone who knows me, knows that my being speechless is a rare occasion.

If I comment right now, I will throw this guy under the bus, with the accelerator on.

I need to go listen to the postgame show, and get more info as to WHY Tito kept this flippin' guy in. Sorry, but Now is not the time of year to experiment, and see if a guy can prove his worth. Even from my couch, I could see Gagne didn't have it. Even my cat could tell this guy absolutely STUNK.

2 1/2 games up. All I can say is, if we blow it, tonite's game will be one that will be analyzed, over analyzed and critiqued all winter.


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