Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day One - we Lost, but still was Fun

I'm blogging today from the hotel's access site... have a couple minutes, so here goes the Reader's Digest version...

Clay Buchholtz' family is staying at our hotel...
I Met and talked with Gordon Edes from the Globe... very nice guy...
Rode in another elevator with Peter Gammons, but got too tongue tied and just
embarrassed myself... anyone who knows me, knows its pretty easy for me to do.

Great watching A-Rod get some K's... in person.

Crap, it was really really painful watching them $%@!%$! Yankees come back in the 8th. My only solace was meeting a Yankee fan friend of mine after the game on the street. He explained to us that "for No reason" he got ejected from the game, in the 6th inning, so he missed all the hoop-la. Pretty long drive, to watch it from a bar!

Sorry, David, but that was pretty funny!

I'll write more soon, gettin' ready for Game Two; hopefully the rain will let up by then.

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