Monday, September 24, 2007

A Day of Rest - Have a Seat.

Sad that these seats are part of our beloved ballpark, eh?

Well, we've clinched a spot in the playoffs, and as of today, we are 2 games up on the Yankees, for the AL East title. With the Yankees losing 4-1 to the Blue Jays this afternoon, our magic number to take the East title now sits at 5.

To all of you fans out there, who whined about wanting a close race at the end of the season, I sure hope you're happy!

I realize there is lots of talk out there, that the AL East title doesn't matter, with all the stats to prove that a Wild Card contender is just as likely to win a World Series, etc. There are two schools of thought out there right now. 1. The Sox care, and are just blowing it. 2. The Sox are in, and now it doesn't matter, now is the time to rest and align for the postseason. I think the answer is likely a mix of both.

Let's hope our guys are getting good and rested today, so we can finish the week off strong. Manny and Youk are both spending some time in the batting cages today, so the coaching staff can assess their progress and (hopefully) make plans for their return.

I should hope Manny is coming back soon. He's been taking batting practice since the Yankee series, but we have yet to see him even pinch hit for anyone.

Here's a quick video of Chris Russo Mad Dog, and his take on the American League race. I listen to Mike a lot on WFAN. Pretty funny guy.

Rumor has it that Curt Schilling has put his Massachusetts house on the market. I wonder if behind closed doors, he and Theo have already had a conversation, and his return to the big leagues next year is NOT in a Boston uniform? This is one that will hurt me, just a bit. I've followed this guy since he and I both lived in the Philly area, and his contributions to the 2004 season are beyond measure. The bloody sock, his leadership, all of it. Sure, he can be a blowhole at times, and his big mouth has had his sock in it on more than one occasion. But he's been a great ballplayer in a Red Sox uniform. But, while my heart says don't go, my head understands that this team needs the youth for its success.

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