Saturday, September 8, 2007

Checkin' Perspectives

If you were like me last night, you were probably pretty irate at the childish behavior displayed on the mound during the 4th inning of last night's win over Baltimore.

6'9" Daniel Cabrera just balked in a run, and he was pissed. So mad, that he whistled a 94 mph fastball just behind Dustin Pedroia's head. The umps issued a warning, the benches cleared and Cabrera got tossed.

Well, sometimes I wonder if, as fans, we get so emotionally charged about our players, that we take their sides no matter what.

Maybe I am letting this all get to me, because I am a Sox Fan. Dustin is like, 5' nothing, a valid Rookie of the Year candidate. Like the big kid on the playground, picking on my little brother. Yeah, that makes me mad! How could this big monster take a pop shot at our little Pedro?

So I wanted a little bit of perspective. Listen to the fallout from the other side's perspective, to make some sense of it all. So I took a look and a listen at some of the coverage from the Baltimore area shows, writers, and publications, today, to see their take on the matter. The results are in.

Seems the consensus is the same, even in Orioles country. The pitch was uncalled for, and certainly isn't being perceived as a ball that slipped out of his hand.

Look, these guys the Orioles have lost their last 11 games at home. It ties their franchise record. I am sure those guys are pretty discouraged, especially when the stands are chock full of people wearing red shirts, not orange and black ones. Can you imagine how Red Sox Nation would be feeling, in their shoes?

But picking on the little guy is no way to channel that frustration. I am glad that Cabrera at least wasnt throwing accurately on that pitch, because

at 94 m.p.h., its a deadly weapon.

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