Thursday, August 9, 2007

Whoo-Hoo!! We Won! We Won!!

OK all you Sox fans out there, will you PLEASE get off the edges of the skyscrapers? Wipe your brows, and take a deep breath, would'ya?

The Sox lose 2 out of 3 to the Angels, and you all are in panic mode. It's driving me C-R-A-A-A-Z-Y.


The Angels are a good team. Anyone who doesn't think so, doesn't follow the game very closely.

We fans need to stop worrying about what is happening in the Bronx. I admit, I have been guilty of this from time to time. I concede that the Yankees have some really good bats. And because of this, they will play good offensive baseball, outhitting opponents. Remember, though... their win streaks have come against sub .500 teams, whose pitchers are not outstanding. How those Yankees play over the next 2 weeks will really demonstrate how their depth is. They can hit, but in the end, pitching sustains a team, especially in the playoffs; not just good hitters. You just need to look at previous Yankee lineups who have been World Champions to see the difference. While they may have had a Murderer's Row too, those previous teams also had much much better pitching than what we are seeing in the 2007 Yankees. Everything balances, and I do not expect .700 playing to continue for the remaining 49 games. Not with that bullpen.

So guys, listen to me, the gal with the cheerleading pom-poms: Stop looking in the rear view mirror.

We have been in first place in the East all year for a reason. Don't compare Papi to A-Rod. One is hurt, and the other, well... is not. Our Pirates of the Bullpen have been there all year long for us, and it has been significant. Just look at last night's win against the Angels. Our 5'6" giant, Pedroia, gives us a lead late in the game (uh... is he our next Mr. Clutch?? Shall we call him Lil' Papi?) Once we get the lead, we bring out the toughest 7-8-9 pitcher combination in the AL. And all three last night proved their worth. Gagne is settling in nicely as our 8th inning guy, between Okajima and Papelbon.

I know the Sox have their weaknesses, just like everybody else. Our bats are streaky, and with Papi's injured shoulder and knee this year, we lack late inning power and that one clutch go-to guy. This has hurt us more than a few times, against some good teams. So what? Now it will be our turn for our schedule to be a little easier for a few weeks. The Sox need to, and I expect them, to have a good run.

Guys, forget about the Wild Card race. We're not in that race!! Let's just see those Sox go out and play some damn good baseball and focus just on that task alone. We're up by 6! We need to celebrate, not worry about the guys next door.

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