Monday, August 6, 2007

Watch Coco get nearly run over by a Moose

Anyone who knows me personally, knows the story of my husband, son and I getting into an accident in Maine, hitting a baby moose. Yeah, lucky for us it was a baby. 600 lbs. It still managed to fracture my husband's face, and totally rip the roof off of our Ford Explorer. The Maine State trooper told us how incredibly lucky we were that evening, as the previous 8 accidents he attended to over the previous 2 weeks involving cars and moose, all resulted in fatalities, except for ours.

Luckily for Coco Crisp, he wasn't in the front seat of our SUV that July evening in 2002. Still, if you watch this video, Coco, too, seemed to narrowly escape some serious harm, from a Mariner Moose.

Can you imagine, going on the DL because you had a run in, with a cartoon character? Copy and paste this link, and see for yourself:

Pitching coach John Farrell is clearly not amused, I wonder, does he kiss his wife with that potty mouth???

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