Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reason to Love Those Sox #463

This answer is an easy one: Support for NESN and WEEI's Annual Jimmy Fund Telethon.

Was I the only person in the Nation last week, bawling my eyes out, as 7 year old Jordan Leandre ran around the bases after singing the National Anthem on Friday?

This poor kid has been fighting cancer since he was 2. Chemotherapy and numberous surgeries to his leg and upper thigh didn't stop Jordan. Just look at this kid's smile, would ya please???

How cool was it that the 1967 Red Sox players were there at home plate, waiting to give this kid high-fives and hugs?!?

We all know that the game that followed this event STUNK. I'll save my rant about "Give it Up" Gagne for another blog entry. I don't want to fill this post with anything negative.

Right now, I am grateful. Grateful that I am lucky enough to have a couple of kids who haven't had to endure anything that Jordan has. Grateful that I could be a witness to an annual event that raised more than $3.56 million dollars. You think that the dollars raised aren't helping people out there? Ask Jon Lester. Ask Mike Lowell. Both cancer survivors. Heck ask me. Unfortunately my family has lost more than its fair share to that awful "C" word. And I suspect many of you who will read this can relate. My family members lost their fights. But events like those at Fenway over the weekend can help us all win that war.
Sometimes, things like this pull at the heartstrings and remind us that the game that we love so much, is truly, just a game.

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