Monday, August 27, 2007

Pack your bags, kids, we're going to the Bronx!

I hope you all have enjoyed your day off from baseball in Red Sox Nation...
Certainly feels good to be a believer today, as the Sox finished the 2nd stage of their road trip with a sweep of the Chicago White Sox. Great confidence booster, with last night's 11-1 win. Lots of offensive batting practice, getting ready for our next stop, Da Bronx!
Good news for us. Tonight Detroit just annihilated the Yankees, as the Yankees lost 16 -0. Mussina lasted just 3 innings. Makes you wonder if this will be his last start for awhile, as his last 3 outings have been pretty awful.
But hey, I'm not here to dissect the problems they are having on the other side of the road. We need to focus on our game, one game at a time. It has worked for the Sox so far this year, no reason to change the formula.
Right now we sit 8 games up on the Yankees. Even if they managed to sweep us, we will still maintain a 5 game lead. I don't expect them to sweep, sorry Yankee fans.
I hope we can take 2 out of 3. I won't jump the bridge if we take only one. The pitching matchups are going to be great.
Daisuke Matsuzaka vs. Pettitte Tuesday. As long as Dice-K doesn't have an inning of meltdown, and our bats offer him support, we should do fine.
Josh Beckett vs. Roger Clemens on Wednesday night will be a good showdown. Two Texans - one young, one old. The Past meeting the Future.
Curt Schilling vs. Wang Thursday afternoon. This is the one outing that I feel least confident about. Schilling's stuff, while improved, continues to be hittable. Yankee bats have a way of taking advantage of the one or two pitches that don't cut or slide or break when they should. It also will be a big mental test for Schill. He says he still has what it takes to win the big game. For him, this game will be huge.
If nothing else, the rivalry between both teams just means its going to be a great few days of baseball.
I, for one, can't wait. If you need to reach me, over the next 3 days, you know where to find me. I'll be on the brown leather loveseat in my living room, with my bowl of popcorn, and the remote in my hand. Afterall, the YES network and NESN are both just 6 channels apart.

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