Thursday, August 23, 2007

A List of What Bugged Me about Last Night's Game

  • 14 guys stranded on base. You can't win a game, if your runners don't make it across home base.
  • Varitek 0-5. He should have only gone 0-4. I can't believe Tito didn't hear me and my husband, BEGGING him through the TV, to pinch hit Manny for Tek in the top on of the 9th. While I understand Tito doesn't give up on his players, blah blah blah, this was clearly the opportunity for the Sox to get that extra run. Another 2 men on, with two outs. Who is the better hitter, right now... Manny, whose bat is HOT, or keep a guy in who is already 0-4 and is batting only .216 since the All-Star break. C'mon, Tito. Forget about hurting Tek's feelings. He's the Captain of the team. Of anyone, Tek is the one who understands that sometimes, you've got to take one for the team.

  • Dice-K pitched solidly again, but still walked away with a loss. One pitch cost him the game. A one pitch meltdown.

  • JD = lack of power. OK, I know this isn't anything new. But why Tito isn't putting this guy in the 9 hole, to work his issues out, bewilders me. $14 million a year means that he is a regular player no matter how much he struggles, and the Nation must accept this. But the fact that Drew continues to bat in the 6th spot or higher in the lineup really disappoints me.

  • Ortiz trying to score in the 5th. Man, he is a great hitter, but a slow runner. When in doubt, DON'T SEND HIM.

** ** ** ** ** **

OK, so you guys have listened to me rant. Thanks, I needed that, and I appreciate your listening. But don't get me wrong, I didn't go to bed, all lost in despair.

We got 14 men on base. Every inning there was someone on base. This is a good thing! It shows we are capable. It's only that we didn't capitalize on it, that was disheartening.

"Give em' Up" Gagne did fine last night, too. That certainly counts torwards the confidence building. Believe me, I saw him coming out of the pen in the 8th, and my stomach jumped too! But Gagne held his own, as we all expect that he is supposed to. Whew! Sigh of relief, so to speak.

From my spot on the couch, it just looks like we are waiting for that one guy to rally this team through the stretch. One person to say, "Hey, c'mon guys, jump on my back, and let's roll to the end." The talent is there, with pitchers to back them up. But just who is that one guy going to be? Manny? Lowell? Ortiz?

Stay tuned to find out...

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