Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Pretty Sure My 3 Yr. Old is as Good as Drew

J.D. Drew is just a disgrace.
How can he expect to get a hit, when he won't even SWING?
Is he pretending to be a statue up there, or what?
While I am not blaming last night's loss to the Yankees on him alone, I think we all can agree that the pivotal part of the game came when there were 2 men on in the 8th, 2 outs, and Drew was up.
6 pitches, not one swing, and the guy is out. (OK, maybe that last one was a check swing, but it was about as fundamentally sound as my 3 year old's mechanics, when he imitate Papi during whiffleball.) That was our chance, and we all just sat there, like statues ourselves, and watched the game slip away.
Somebody, please tell me what Theo and the Gang saw in this guy. For the love of God and the Game, I just don't see it....
Next up... Beckett vs. the Rocket.... Oh Yeah!

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