Friday, August 31, 2007

Bats are asleep, it results in a Sweep

I'm not panicking. But I am pretty annoyed. No reason to lose all 3. Streaky offense will never get us a World Series ring. Amazing that a team can win 4 games in a row scoring 10+ runs, and then the next 3 hit like, 6 total. Yankees pitching is not THAT good, but kudos to them, they made us look like a farm team this time.

Don't blame Manny and his injury. He's only one of the 12 guys that can go our there at any time. Tito needs to take a long hard look at the likes of Drew, Lugo, and even Coco. There is 3 outs, right there.

The roster is expanding soon. It would be fun if Tito shakes things up when all these prospects we held onto, come up for the year's remainder. We didn't trade them, SO LETS USE THEM. I've certainly had enough of "G.D." Drew, and Eric 'Stinksky" for this season. Eric in for Manny for 3 games? Please. Put in Ellsbury, he certainly can't do worse.

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