Sunday, August 5, 2007

#755, One more to Win

Well, the time is almost here... Barry Bonds is one home run short of becoming the All-Time Home Run leader in all of baseball history.
Pretty ironic that one of the San Diego Padres that got busted for steroid use in the minors in April '05, Clay Hensley, would be the pitcher who gave up #755.
To be quite honest, I am pretty glad this batting title battle is just about over. I am pretty sick of hearing about it...
Barry has never failed a drug test for performance enhancing drugs. Of course, its because the sport didn't have a TEST for it, when he was taking. Yes, this is only my opinion, it has never been proven that he juiced. But the circumstantial evidence seems pretty overwhelming. I don't buy his excuse that he thought the cream he was smearing all over himself was flaxseed. Sorry, pal, you have lost me the jury of public opinion.
I know that Barry was not the only one who used. I think as time goes on, we will learn about many, many more players who cheated. The Giambi brothers, Palmiero, McGuire, Sosa... those guys are just the tip of it.
And wouldn't you know Bud Selig was actually there for #755. After all the talk; should he go, should he stay away, should he participate in celebration, should he ignore it. In the end, the Comish just stood there, with his hands in his pockets, saying nothing.
Bud did nothing. Just like he did, when these guys were using, and putting fannys in the seats in ballparks all over the country. Should we be surprised?
I'm surely not.

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