Friday, August 31, 2007

Bats are asleep, it results in a Sweep

I'm not panicking. But I am pretty annoyed. No reason to lose all 3. Streaky offense will never get us a World Series ring. Amazing that a team can win 4 games in a row scoring 10+ runs, and then the next 3 hit like, 6 total. Yankees pitching is not THAT good, but kudos to them, they made us look like a farm team this time.

Don't blame Manny and his injury. He's only one of the 12 guys that can go our there at any time. Tito needs to take a long hard look at the likes of Drew, Lugo, and even Coco. There is 3 outs, right there.

The roster is expanding soon. It would be fun if Tito shakes things up when all these prospects we held onto, come up for the year's remainder. We didn't trade them, SO LETS USE THEM. I've certainly had enough of "G.D." Drew, and Eric 'Stinksky" for this season. Eric in for Manny for 3 games? Please. Put in Ellsbury, he certainly can't do worse.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Pretty Sure My 3 Yr. Old is as Good as Drew

J.D. Drew is just a disgrace.
How can he expect to get a hit, when he won't even SWING?
Is he pretending to be a statue up there, or what?
While I am not blaming last night's loss to the Yankees on him alone, I think we all can agree that the pivotal part of the game came when there were 2 men on in the 8th, 2 outs, and Drew was up.
6 pitches, not one swing, and the guy is out. (OK, maybe that last one was a check swing, but it was about as fundamentally sound as my 3 year old's mechanics, when he imitate Papi during whiffleball.) That was our chance, and we all just sat there, like statues ourselves, and watched the game slip away.
Somebody, please tell me what Theo and the Gang saw in this guy. For the love of God and the Game, I just don't see it....
Next up... Beckett vs. the Rocket.... Oh Yeah!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Took Awhile, but checkout my pix from the 15th

Center field bleachers, hot August day.

Jim, Connor, Jon, and Jaxson thought rally caps would help... (nope!)

Mike Timlin, just after I got him to wave to us. One of the last days his son got to hang out at the park with him.

I was so close to Delcarmin, I saw he has a filling on a top molar.

When he's getting ready to pitch, Papelbon looks at NO ONE. All business for this guy, explains why he's got 30 saves already.

Mirabelli hung out in the pen with the Pirates for awhile after the 7th.

I love this picture of Okajima. Looks like he's a little kid, hiding!

Pack your bags, kids, we're going to the Bronx!

I hope you all have enjoyed your day off from baseball in Red Sox Nation...
Certainly feels good to be a believer today, as the Sox finished the 2nd stage of their road trip with a sweep of the Chicago White Sox. Great confidence booster, with last night's 11-1 win. Lots of offensive batting practice, getting ready for our next stop, Da Bronx!
Good news for us. Tonight Detroit just annihilated the Yankees, as the Yankees lost 16 -0. Mussina lasted just 3 innings. Makes you wonder if this will be his last start for awhile, as his last 3 outings have been pretty awful.
But hey, I'm not here to dissect the problems they are having on the other side of the road. We need to focus on our game, one game at a time. It has worked for the Sox so far this year, no reason to change the formula.
Right now we sit 8 games up on the Yankees. Even if they managed to sweep us, we will still maintain a 5 game lead. I don't expect them to sweep, sorry Yankee fans.
I hope we can take 2 out of 3. I won't jump the bridge if we take only one. The pitching matchups are going to be great.
Daisuke Matsuzaka vs. Pettitte Tuesday. As long as Dice-K doesn't have an inning of meltdown, and our bats offer him support, we should do fine.
Josh Beckett vs. Roger Clemens on Wednesday night will be a good showdown. Two Texans - one young, one old. The Past meeting the Future.
Curt Schilling vs. Wang Thursday afternoon. This is the one outing that I feel least confident about. Schilling's stuff, while improved, continues to be hittable. Yankee bats have a way of taking advantage of the one or two pitches that don't cut or slide or break when they should. It also will be a big mental test for Schill. He says he still has what it takes to win the big game. For him, this game will be huge.
If nothing else, the rivalry between both teams just means its going to be a great few days of baseball.
I, for one, can't wait. If you need to reach me, over the next 3 days, you know where to find me. I'll be on the brown leather loveseat in my living room, with my bowl of popcorn, and the remote in my hand. Afterall, the YES network and NESN are both just 6 channels apart.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

3 Good Ones Under the Belt

Game One, Friday, Aug. 24th

11-3 win. Josh Beckett becomes the game's first 16 game winner of '07.

It wasn't his strongest outing, which included a 36 pitch first inning. But our bats were behind him, and once he settled in, his fastball took over.

Game Two of Doubleheader, Sox win 10-1

This was Schillings best outing since coming off the DL. He gave up only 3 hits. But the key was the fact that his fastball clocked in at 93 MPH. This has been a source of worry for Curt, the Sox and the Nation in recent weeks.

Offense during the doubleheader got 21 runs on 28 hits, including Papi's 2 homers in Game Two.

Saturday, Sox win 14-2

Now we have (2) 16 game winners in our starting rotation. Wake once again demonstrated his reliability and depth, by giving us 7 scoreless innings. In his last three starts, Wake has only given up nine hits, and zero runs in over 22 innings. This is without his sidekick, Mirabelli behind the plate, who is still on the DL.

What other team out there can boast that their #4 pitcher has 16 wins? Uh... nobody but those of us in Red Sox Nation, that is.

Roger Clemens is the oldest pitcher to ever win a CY Young, at age 42 back in 2004. Wakefield is now 41.

I know no one is talking about it out there, but how about it? Wakefield is certainly a candidate worthy of some consideration for this year's Cy Young award.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

You'd Think the Drink Choice would be Better

Thanks to our friends at, here are a few photos of some of our Red Sox favorites, enjoying some down time on John Henry's private plane between ballparks.
Do you see what Papelbon and Lowell have in their hands?
Wha??? Are you Kidding?
This is a million dollar plane. These guys (except Paps) make multi-millions every year. You mean to tell me the only kind of beer that John Henry can afford for his plane is BUDWEISER?
IN THE CAN no less?
Humor me, please. They at least could have had a few Sam Adams Summers on ice for our guys. Geez. Cheapskate.

A List of What Bugged Me about Last Night's Game

  • 14 guys stranded on base. You can't win a game, if your runners don't make it across home base.
  • Varitek 0-5. He should have only gone 0-4. I can't believe Tito didn't hear me and my husband, BEGGING him through the TV, to pinch hit Manny for Tek in the top on of the 9th. While I understand Tito doesn't give up on his players, blah blah blah, this was clearly the opportunity for the Sox to get that extra run. Another 2 men on, with two outs. Who is the better hitter, right now... Manny, whose bat is HOT, or keep a guy in who is already 0-4 and is batting only .216 since the All-Star break. C'mon, Tito. Forget about hurting Tek's feelings. He's the Captain of the team. Of anyone, Tek is the one who understands that sometimes, you've got to take one for the team.

  • Dice-K pitched solidly again, but still walked away with a loss. One pitch cost him the game. A one pitch meltdown.

  • JD = lack of power. OK, I know this isn't anything new. But why Tito isn't putting this guy in the 9 hole, to work his issues out, bewilders me. $14 million a year means that he is a regular player no matter how much he struggles, and the Nation must accept this. But the fact that Drew continues to bat in the 6th spot or higher in the lineup really disappoints me.

  • Ortiz trying to score in the 5th. Man, he is a great hitter, but a slow runner. When in doubt, DON'T SEND HIM.

** ** ** ** ** **

OK, so you guys have listened to me rant. Thanks, I needed that, and I appreciate your listening. But don't get me wrong, I didn't go to bed, all lost in despair.

We got 14 men on base. Every inning there was someone on base. This is a good thing! It shows we are capable. It's only that we didn't capitalize on it, that was disheartening.

"Give em' Up" Gagne did fine last night, too. That certainly counts torwards the confidence building. Believe me, I saw him coming out of the pen in the 8th, and my stomach jumped too! But Gagne held his own, as we all expect that he is supposed to. Whew! Sigh of relief, so to speak.

From my spot on the couch, it just looks like we are waiting for that one guy to rally this team through the stretch. One person to say, "Hey, c'mon guys, jump on my back, and let's roll to the end." The talent is there, with pitchers to back them up. But just who is that one guy going to be? Manny? Lowell? Ortiz?

Stay tuned to find out...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reason to Love Those Sox #463

This answer is an easy one: Support for NESN and WEEI's Annual Jimmy Fund Telethon.

Was I the only person in the Nation last week, bawling my eyes out, as 7 year old Jordan Leandre ran around the bases after singing the National Anthem on Friday?

This poor kid has been fighting cancer since he was 2. Chemotherapy and numberous surgeries to his leg and upper thigh didn't stop Jordan. Just look at this kid's smile, would ya please???

How cool was it that the 1967 Red Sox players were there at home plate, waiting to give this kid high-fives and hugs?!?

We all know that the game that followed this event STUNK. I'll save my rant about "Give it Up" Gagne for another blog entry. I don't want to fill this post with anything negative.

Right now, I am grateful. Grateful that I am lucky enough to have a couple of kids who haven't had to endure anything that Jordan has. Grateful that I could be a witness to an annual event that raised more than $3.56 million dollars. You think that the dollars raised aren't helping people out there? Ask Jon Lester. Ask Mike Lowell. Both cancer survivors. Heck ask me. Unfortunately my family has lost more than its fair share to that awful "C" word. And I suspect many of you who will read this can relate. My family members lost their fights. But events like those at Fenway over the weekend can help us all win that war.
Sometimes, things like this pull at the heartstrings and remind us that the game that we love so much, is truly, just a game.

Hey, I'm Back !

My apologies for the long lapse in entries...

Went to Cape Cod for a week, and now I am back.

Had a great time; we even took in a Red Sox/Devil Rays game.

(Dice-K's loss last Wednesday.) I will blame the loss on Beth, the Sox are 0-2 this year when I go to a Sox game with her!!! (Just kiddin', Buffy!)

I will post again later today, I know the last 10 days in Red Sox nation has been an absolute rollercoaster ride. I have lots of opinions about it, of course. And I got some great pictures at the game, our seats were in the bleachers, right behind the bullpen. Closeups of those bullpen Pirates. Even got to say hello to Timlin.

Thanks for your patience, guys. I will talk to you again after work!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Community Service... Sorta

If anyone out there is interested, I know somebody selling a beeaaauuutiful fishing boat, on YachtWorld. No doubt, the seller is a member of Red Sox Nation...
My upcoming schedule will be pretty hectic over the next few days, so my site may be quiet. I will catch up with you all as soon as I have a free moment or two.
In the meantime, lets Go Red Sox, time for a dandy series down in Baltimore, before heading home to Boston again, to face those Devil Dogs!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Whoo-Hoo!! We Won! We Won!!

OK all you Sox fans out there, will you PLEASE get off the edges of the skyscrapers? Wipe your brows, and take a deep breath, would'ya?

The Sox lose 2 out of 3 to the Angels, and you all are in panic mode. It's driving me C-R-A-A-A-Z-Y.


The Angels are a good team. Anyone who doesn't think so, doesn't follow the game very closely.

We fans need to stop worrying about what is happening in the Bronx. I admit, I have been guilty of this from time to time. I concede that the Yankees have some really good bats. And because of this, they will play good offensive baseball, outhitting opponents. Remember, though... their win streaks have come against sub .500 teams, whose pitchers are not outstanding. How those Yankees play over the next 2 weeks will really demonstrate how their depth is. They can hit, but in the end, pitching sustains a team, especially in the playoffs; not just good hitters. You just need to look at previous Yankee lineups who have been World Champions to see the difference. While they may have had a Murderer's Row too, those previous teams also had much much better pitching than what we are seeing in the 2007 Yankees. Everything balances, and I do not expect .700 playing to continue for the remaining 49 games. Not with that bullpen.

So guys, listen to me, the gal with the cheerleading pom-poms: Stop looking in the rear view mirror.

We have been in first place in the East all year for a reason. Don't compare Papi to A-Rod. One is hurt, and the other, well... is not. Our Pirates of the Bullpen have been there all year long for us, and it has been significant. Just look at last night's win against the Angels. Our 5'6" giant, Pedroia, gives us a lead late in the game (uh... is he our next Mr. Clutch?? Shall we call him Lil' Papi?) Once we get the lead, we bring out the toughest 7-8-9 pitcher combination in the AL. And all three last night proved their worth. Gagne is settling in nicely as our 8th inning guy, between Okajima and Papelbon.

I know the Sox have their weaknesses, just like everybody else. Our bats are streaky, and with Papi's injured shoulder and knee this year, we lack late inning power and that one clutch go-to guy. This has hurt us more than a few times, against some good teams. So what? Now it will be our turn for our schedule to be a little easier for a few weeks. The Sox need to, and I expect them, to have a good run.

Guys, forget about the Wild Card race. We're not in that race!! Let's just see those Sox go out and play some damn good baseball and focus just on that task alone. We're up by 6! We need to celebrate, not worry about the guys next door.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh, crap. Can we forget about Aug. 7th?

Certainly not my favorite day...

#756 was hit, and we have a new HR King (where were all the boos?)

The Sox got beaten very badly by the Angels (Tito, why did you keep in Wakefield so long?)

Oh yeah, even Rocket had a good outing before his beanball got him ejected against the Jays.

UGH. I'll check in again later.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Watch Coco get nearly run over by a Moose

Anyone who knows me personally, knows the story of my husband, son and I getting into an accident in Maine, hitting a baby moose. Yeah, lucky for us it was a baby. 600 lbs. It still managed to fracture my husband's face, and totally rip the roof off of our Ford Explorer. The Maine State trooper told us how incredibly lucky we were that evening, as the previous 8 accidents he attended to over the previous 2 weeks involving cars and moose, all resulted in fatalities, except for ours.

Luckily for Coco Crisp, he wasn't in the front seat of our SUV that July evening in 2002. Still, if you watch this video, Coco, too, seemed to narrowly escape some serious harm, from a Mariner Moose.

Can you imagine, going on the DL because you had a run in, with a cartoon character? Copy and paste this link, and see for yourself:

Pitching coach John Farrell is clearly not amused, I wonder, does he kiss his wife with that potty mouth???

51 More Games to Go

Tonite we anticipate the return of our ace, Curt Schilling, to the mound.

He's been gone for about 60 games now, strengthening his muscles in his shoulder, getting ready for the remaining 51 games, and we expect, beyond.

His rehab starts with Pawtucket have been impressive, and we hope it translates to an effective outing tonite.

I don't know about you, but for me, Schill coming back feels like we just acquired another great arm. I know we really didn't; he's just been gone for awhile. But when you look at our already really solid starters (Beckett, Dice-K and Wake) along with a bullpen which includes Delcarmen, Okajima, Gagne, and Papelbon, adding Curt to the mix is like icing on the cake, for me.

Curt isn't the same guy he was back in '04. We all know this, and I accept this. We just need a guy who can get us through 6 innings, so our intimidating bullpen can do their stuff. All this time off, getting rehab and conditioning was a good thing for Curt, and the Sox.

We all know we are lacking some power bat strength this year. It isn't some secret out there. Papi's been hurting, and it has shown in his numbers. The Sox, going forward, have a mission: to prove that good pitching wins championships.

As of now, the Yankees are currently tied in the wildcard race. They aren't a team of good pitchers, they are good hitters. Let's see what means more in the long haul; the hot bats vs. the hot pitching.

Time to settle in, and enjoy some really good baseball, folks!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

#755, One more to Win

Well, the time is almost here... Barry Bonds is one home run short of becoming the All-Time Home Run leader in all of baseball history.
Pretty ironic that one of the San Diego Padres that got busted for steroid use in the minors in April '05, Clay Hensley, would be the pitcher who gave up #755.
To be quite honest, I am pretty glad this batting title battle is just about over. I am pretty sick of hearing about it...
Barry has never failed a drug test for performance enhancing drugs. Of course, its because the sport didn't have a TEST for it, when he was taking. Yes, this is only my opinion, it has never been proven that he juiced. But the circumstantial evidence seems pretty overwhelming. I don't buy his excuse that he thought the cream he was smearing all over himself was flaxseed. Sorry, pal, you have lost me the jury of public opinion.
I know that Barry was not the only one who used. I think as time goes on, we will learn about many, many more players who cheated. The Giambi brothers, Palmiero, McGuire, Sosa... those guys are just the tip of it.
And wouldn't you know Bud Selig was actually there for #755. After all the talk; should he go, should he stay away, should he participate in celebration, should he ignore it. In the end, the Comish just stood there, with his hands in his pockets, saying nothing.
Bud did nothing. Just like he did, when these guys were using, and putting fannys in the seats in ballparks all over the country. Should we be surprised?
I'm surely not.

Friday, August 3, 2007

An overall Good day of baseball

Thanks once again to Roger Clemens, who went 1- 2/3rds yesterday, which only means that today's blog contains this beauty of a photo...
Good job, man!
More to follow soon...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We are a Better Team Today

The trading deadline is over... and the biggest news of the day was the acquisition of right handed closer Eric Gagne to the Red Sox, from the Texas Rangers.
Wha? Another closer? Did I hear this correctly? WHY?
OK, Sox Nation. Let's break this whole thing down, so we can take a closer look, and see why this is a GREAT deal that you can all be happy about.
It's Eric Gagne. He's a 3-time All-Star, and was also the 2003 NL Cy Young winner as a closer for the Dodgers. He's come off some injuries in '05 and '06, but has been real good this year, with a 2.16 ERA.
Gagne waived his no trade clause to be here, and the Sox paid him about $2 million of his incentive money from his TX contract to ensure he would come.
We can all breathe a sigh of relief, he's NOT replacing Papelbon. His job will be to close the 8th inning, as the setup guy.
Let's face it. We have had some issues in our bullpen this year. It's been great, but not perfect. Timlin seems chronically fatigued or sore this year, and Brendan Donnelly just hasn't recovered from his injuries. In fact, it looks like Theo and Co. seemed to know more than we did in this area. After securing Gagne, it was announced that Donnelly will now undergo season ending Tommy John surgery, so there is certainly a place for Gagne.
This trade was not made without concessions. We gave Texas our own Kason Gabbard, AAA David Murphy, and A outfielder Beltre.
Kason did an awesome job up here in Boston, filling in for Schill. I wasn't sure if Lester or Gabbard was being showcased in the last 2 weeks, I guess we know now! At this point, we don't really have room for both Lester and Gabbard, so the tough decision had to be made.
David Murphy is a really good young player as well. But, with Coco doing a better job in the batter's box, and Jacoby Ellsbury in the wings in the immediate future, there again we have limited opportunity for Murphy. It's too bad, he was pretty impressive, and he will definitely impact another team.
The bottom line, though, is that Gagne is going to be an excellent addition to an already decent bullpen. How fierce and intimidating will our mound be, when we can get our starters to pitch 6 complete innings, with batters knowing they will be facing:
Okijima, Gagne, and Papelbon?
This still leaves Delcarmen and Kyle Snyder back there for those times where our starters struggle. And once Schill is back, Tavarez has proven he can be real strong at least one time through a team's rotation.
So we didn't get any bats during this trade deadline, but I think we can all agree we have improved so much more in the pen. That old adage that pitching wins championships will certainly be tested in the coming few months.
My only concern is that those guys over in the Bronx were awfully quiet these last few days. Have they finally figured out that being patient, and keeping your prospects for your future is the right way to go? It is certainly a new philosophy, and the right one, in my opinion. Do they think those red hot bats (which are really on fire), are enough to win the wild card, and beyond? Or have they just given up on '07? I guess only time will tell!!