Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So Happy Together....

We adults can learn alot about good sportsmanship, from these two, best buddies, Jonathan and Ian.

Neither really care that the other roots for the "wrong" team, they just love hangin' around together, and playing baseball. Isn't that what this sport is really all about, anyway?!?


Do you realize that Yankee fans, right now, all over the country, are actually ROOTING for the Red Sox to win? They may not be admitting it out loud, or even confessing this to their local bartenders or clergy, but in their hearts, they truly are, or should be. It's because that the Red Sox, winning these games on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday would really help their ultimate cause.

The Cleveland Indians currently lead the Wild Card race, and the Yankees are only 5.5 games behind. Yikes! Talk about your double edged sword!

Whoo-hoo! Shall we pass them our pink hats, with the cute blue letter "B"s on them? How about those big red foam hands that says "Boston #1" on them? I know where I can get you guys some of those Dice-K Japanese warrior headbands, really cheap!

C'mon Yankee fans, indulge me. I will gladly teach you all the words to the song, "Dirty Water" if you give me the chance. I KNOW you guys know the words to "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. Hum with me, just a couple of bars, you know the tune... It won't hurt, at least not too much. ;-)

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