Saturday, July 14, 2007

Relish the Positives

So now we are a few days into the second half. Even having lost last night 6-5 against the Jays, there are still some things we can be happy about:
1. We are still 10 games up, as the Yankees took a another dip under .500, in theri loss last night against the Devil Dogs. Today's Rosie picture is once again, courtesy of Roger Clemens.
2. Timlin came into the games last night, and looked good. Finally.
3. Curt Schilling threw off the mound for the first time since going on the DL yesterday. They thought he'd only pitch 35 pitches, he pitched 55, and the outing went very well. May even get to rehab in Pawtucket as early as next week. This is very very good news. The old Schill, not the "Old Schill" will be one of the key components down the stretch into the playoffs.
4. Lugo has started swinging. Don't look now, but he's now batting .202!!!
5. Manny's last 2 games has shown us he still has his power. 2 games is certainly not a measurement of one's success, but maybe its a sign of the right direction. Is Manny finally bein' Manny?

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