Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On, Off, On, Off....

I'm feeling rather cranky today. Our Sox are not making it easy to enjoy being in first place lately. Their production is like a lightswitch; one day it's on, the next day, off. Next day on, next day, off.
I felt pretty good having Kasem Gabbard pitch a complete game on Monday, with nice run support. By Tuesday night, I am entirely frustrated at our team's inconsistent pitching and inability to capitalize with runners on base. In the meantime, the Yanks manage to pull out a win in extra innings, bringing down our lead to 8 games.
Our Red Sox are as inconsistent as my golf game, and anyone who knows me, knows how true this statement is!
I heard a stat today that if the Red Sox continue to play just .500 baseball, but the Yankees play .620 ball, they will catch us. Isnt that the difference between teams winning 6.2 games out of 10 vs. 5 out of 10?
Do you see them in our rear view mirror? Remember the movie Jurassic Park, when T Rex is racing torwards the kids in their car? The rear view mirror says "objects are closer than they appear". For all you loons out there that prefer a closer race to the pennant, hold your breath. A few more weeks of inconsistent bats like we've had, and you guys are going to have your wish!

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